Rank Your Favorite Diane Keaton Movies From These 10!

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Something's Gotta Give via Columbia Pictures

Rank Your Favorite Diane Keaton Movies From These 10!

Diane Keaton is one of the queens of the big screen that we all love to watch. Of her many movies we all have our favorites, do you prefer her earlier works? Like The Godfather or Father of the Bride? Or have you seen her more recently with Jane Fonda in the comedy, Book Club? Diane Keaton is one of the greats and we can all admit that, but which of her movies is your favorite? Help us rank these top 10 best Diane Keaton movies, tell us your favorites!

The Godfather

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Kay Adams, the love interest of Al Pacino, a role for the ages.

Annie Hall

United Artists

A New York City comedian falls in love with the adorable Annie Hall, of course, Diane slays the role.

Baby Boom

via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

When JC Wiatt, powerful business woman, is left with a child, she doesn't know what to do. One of Diane's best showings!

Father of the Bride

Touchstone Pictures

One of Diane's funnier movies, she compliments Steve Martin well in the skeptical parent before a wedding role. So real and relatable!

The First Wives Club

via Paramount Pictures

After 3 wives get dumped for younger women, they plot their revenge. Diane Keaton is an absolute riot in this one, winning the break up from all angles.

Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give via Columbia Pictures

Diane's character finds herself in a strange but hilarious situation here, falling for her daughter's older boyfriend. Can you say comedy at its best?

Book Club

Book Club via Paramount Pictures

When a group of older women get together to read an erotic novel, all hell breaks loose and women reign supreme! Diane is a hoot and a half.

Morning Glory

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We all love to see Diane Keaton alongside Rachel McAdams, two romance and comedy stars teaming up to make an awesome movie? Count us in!

Because I Said So

via Universal Pictures

Diane Keaton is always playing the doting mother, but this time she truly shines. She just loves her daughters so much!

The Family Stone

via 20th Century Fox

Another hilarious mom role for Diane Keaton, she plays a meddling mother who does not approve of her son's girlfriend he brought home for Christmas.