The 10 Worst Office Characters Of All Time Ranked By You

Michael forcing Kevin to eat a piece of broccoli in The Office
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Rank These 10 Worst Characters From The Office

Rank these Office characters on the scale of being the worst. We all are familiar with these characters, we love them, we hate them, we feel like they are our coworkers. Help us rank these main characters from the Office for the reasons they are the worst. If you are a true Office fan, you will know! Whether you get annoyed with Michael Scott, or find Dwight rudeness to be an actual problem, tell us here! Are these the worst Office characters of all time? Ranked by you! Tell us what you really think.

Katy (The Handbag Girl)

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One of the most annoying guests on the show. She comes into the office to sell bags and leaves with Jim??? At least this is when we know for sure Jim and Pam will be together.

Jo Bennett

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This woman and her DOGS. She just comes in and blows everything up for the good people of Dunder Miflin, get out of here Jo!


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Icy on the outside, and rude af, but she does have a soft side. Is she the worst, or is she the best? It can be hard to tell sometimes.

Todd Packer

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Not only is he a misogynistic jerk, he makes Michael way less likeable when he comes around. Poor Michael, he just can't escape Todd's bullying.


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Is there anyone more creepy? He definitely murdered someone at some point, but I guess what we don't know can't hurt us. What do you think?


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As everyone loves to repeat over and over, Toby is just the worst. He contributes nothing, but we do love every joke made at this expense.


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She messed with Michael for years and her biggest ambition was starting a candle company? You're the worst Jan, goodbye.


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Number 1 kiss ass and number 1 grossest relationship (with Erin). This guy is the worst and seriously needs to tone it down.

DeAngelo Vickers

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A sad excuse for a new Michael Scott, DeAngelo Vickers was absolutely the worst. Totally sexist and hard to watch.

Ryan Howard

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Ryan might be the cutest guy in the office, but he is definitely the WOAT. Thinks he is all that because he got promoted? We can't tolerate anyone being mean to Kelly like that.