Life Sentence Season 1 Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast, Photos, And Spoilers


Life Sentence Season 1 Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast, Photos, And Spoilers

Drum roll please! The CW has announced a new show coming out this season! Life Sentence stars (Lucy Hale) of Pretty Little Liars and we could not be more excited! The show features the story of a woman, Stella Abbot (Lucy Hale) who receives a diagnosis of terminal cancer. At the news, she decides to live out her days with fervor and excitement, throwing caution to the wind. However, she soon finds out that her illness is miraculously cured and she must deal with the consequences of how she lived when she thought she was dying. This show is definitely going to be a good one so don't miss it. Read on to see Life Sentence season 1 premiere date, trailer, cast, photos, and spoilers.

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Life Sentence Season 1 Premiere Date

The premiere of Life Sentence is coming up sooner than you think! This Wednesday, March 7 at 9/8c, the show airs for the first time on the CW. That's right, this Wednesday! The Life Sentence season 1 premiere is the perfect way to finish your #humpday and head into Thursday with a smile on your face from this new comedy on the CW. Don't miss the Life Sentence season 1 premiere! If you can't watch the show live, it will definitely be on the CW website, so don't worry! You can watch it after the premiere on Wednesday.

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Life Sentence Season 1 Trailer

If you haven't see the trailer for the CW's Life Sentence, you should definitely check it out! Head over to the CW website and you will find other extras in addition to the trailer like cast interviews, sneak peaks, and and other trailers! This is really getting us excited, so be sure to check it out! We are also willing to bet that once the show starts up, you will find full episodes here, too. Thanks CW!!

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Life Sentence Season 1 Cast

As we have already talked about Lucy Hale's role as cured cancer patient Stella, but who else will be a part of the Life Sentence season 1 cast? Stella's boyfriend Wes will be played by *Elliot Knight who was also in *Once Upon A Time and How To Get Away With Murder. *Brooke Lyons from *Two Broke Girls will be playing the role of Elizabeth. We can't wait to see how this stellar cast plays their part in helping Stella put her life back together after her #yolo antics.

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Life Sentence Season 1 Spoilers

Here is your SPOILER ALERT don't read on if you don't want to know exclusive info about the CW's new show Life Sentence season 1. As you already know, the show is about Stella, a woman who has terminal cancer and behaves with a YOLO, devil may care, attitude for eight years, and what happens when she finds out she is miraculously cured. Over the course of her life she has done a number of irrational and rash things including getting married to a stranger, which she must deal with when she finds out she has a long life ahead of her. Another facet of her life, her family, which seemed perfect when she was ill, is not so perfect after all, which is something she never knew and will find out soon enough.