iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Online: Where To Watch & Preview


iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Online: Where To Watch, Preview, Cast, And More

iZombie season 4 is just getting started and we have loved every minute of it so far. And the drama continues with iZombie season 4 episode 4 this week. The antics of Liv and her zombie friends truly never get old. There are so many funny moments and we can't wait to see what happens in iZombie. We are expecting some crazy brain-eating fun from Liv, in part two of last week's "Brainless in Seattle." Need some info about iZombie this week? Look no further! Here's where to watch iZombie season 4 episode 4 online and on television. Plus, some major details on the episode, including the synopsis and spoilers!

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The CW

Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 On TV

The wait is over! iZombie season 4 episode 4 is premiering so soon on The CW. If you watch iZombie you already know it comes on every Monday at 9/8c. So, tune in this Monday, March 19 at the regular time to see what kind of shenanigans go down in iZombie, "Brainless in Seattle: Part 2." If you can't watch the show live, don't worry! Read on to find out where to watch iZombie online.

If you don't have cable, but still want to watch the show live, you can check out Hulu Live TV. Just check your local listings on Hulu to see if you get the CW, but you should be set and ready to watch iZombie as it airs live!

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Where To Watch iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Online

Good news here, iZombie fans! You can watch episodes from this season of iZombie on the CW's website for absolutely free! All you have to do is log on and pick which one you want to watch! The CW has been consistently posting episodes as they air on live TV so you won't fall behind if you want to watch iZombie season 4 episode 4 online at the CW's website.

Another good way to watch iZombie this week is by buying it on Amazon and iTunes. Each episode is available for $1.99 each and they never expire! So you can watch the show over and over as many times as you want! Better yet, all 4 seasons of iZombie are available for purchase so you can even watch previous episodes!

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What To Watch For In iZombie Season 4 Episode 4

iZombie is always good for a laugh, we all know that! In this episode, we are hoping to see the conclusion of "Brainless in Seattle" after last week's part one, this week's part two will definitely wow us. We are expecting Liv and Clive to finally solve the murder they have been working on, and we can't wait! Don't miss iZombie this week! You won't regret it

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TV Guide

iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Cast

The zombies in iZombie are always trying to hide their true nature. In fact, if they get found out, it would be dangerous for everyone! This episode, we are expecting the regulars, Rose McIver as Liv, Robert Buckley as Major, Aly Michalka as Peyton, and Malcolm Goodwin as Clive.

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Promo And Spoilers

If you need more of a reason to be excited about iZombie season 4 episode 4, look no further! But, beware of spoilers ahead. If you haven't already seen the [promo] for iZombie, you should definitely check it out. Other than that, "Brainless in Seattle: Part 2" should wrap up the quest to solve the latest murder. In fact, Liv will find out that the murderer they are searching for is a serial killer! Can't wait for iZombie this week on the CW!