Is Carrie Underwood Returning To American Idol 2017?

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Is Carrie Underwood Returning To American Idol 2017?

With the reboot of the decade-and-a-half long show American Idol coming our way this year, it's got us all wondering: is Carrie Underwood returning to American Idol?. Following Idol legends like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, is Carrie Underwood returning to American Idol in 2017? Twelve years after her winning season, it has been rumored that Carrie Underwood is returning to American Idol to become a judge.

She just might be! Along with the show's original host Ryan Seacrest, the network wants Carrie Underwood to return to American Idol as a judge.

Carrie Underwood Might Return To American Idol


Carrie Underwood won American Idol in 2005 and is arguably the most famous winner in the show's history. Her career sparked on American Idol and has taken off in the country music scene for the past 12 years. Underwood could be the link the show needs to return to it's former glory and surpass other talent shows like The Voice.

Other Idol alums like Daughtry and Adam Lambert have been rumored to be involved in the show's reboot as well. All high finishers in American Idol's earlier seasons, these experienced musicians would be perfect for the job! As of now, there are no confirmed judges but fingers crossed that this season will live up to it's potential!