12 Instagram Captions For Universal Studios

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Instagram Captions For Universal Studios

It's that time of year again! It's time to post the perfect Instagram captions for Universal Studios! Don't fret! We've got the best! There is so much to do at Universal Studios! Either in Los Angeles or Florida, this place attracts the masses and charms them with a wonderful world of movie attractions. From Despicable Me to Jurassic Park, there is so much to see and do! Its okay to brag a little to your friends that you got to see all your favorite movie characters and scenes in person. So go ahead, share that 'Gram and let the jealousy begin starting with the perfect Universal Studios Instagram caption! Here are some Instagram captions for Universal Studios in Hollywood or Florida.

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Easy Bay Times

Instagram Captions For Universal Studios - Harry Potter World

The wonderful world of Harry Potter, a place where practically every kid escaped reality and waved wands with the best of 'em. The Harry Potter craze has gone so wild that, in addition to the movies and books, there is a whole section of Universal Studios dedicated to making Hogwarts and Hogsmeade feel real. We'd like to thank J.K. Rowling and Universal for the opportunity to get a wand and become a wizard, if only for a day! Here are some Instagram captions for Universal Studios' Harry Potter World.

  • Bloody hell! This is awesome!
  • If Harry could only see me now!
  • Lifelong dream fulfilled: trying butterbeer
  • So my Hogwarts letter came a little late...
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Westgate Resorts

Instagram Captions For Universal Studios - Jurassic Park

Similar to Harry Potter, Jurassic Park is a world in which fans have become really invested. With multiple movies and the franchise growing every day, its no wonder there is a Jurassic Park section of Universal Studios! They really make dinosaurs come to life and boy is it cool! This is the perfect photo op for a good Instagram. Don't forget a stellar caption! Here are some Instagram captions for Universal Studios Jurassic Park.

  • So dinosaurs are real...
  • I now know the big bang was clearly a myth
  • Did someone say dinosaurs for dinner?
  • We spared no expense today!
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Universal Studios Hollywood

Instagram Captions For Universal Studios - The Simpsons

It seems like Universal has gotten really good at creating worlds for us to experience in life size when we have only seen them on TV or in movies. The Simpsons is a classic example of a storyline that is so far-fetched, it can't be real. With the most oddly shaped and colored people, we question if they are even human, but we can't help but laugh at their every joke. The Simpsons at Universal is definitely a good place for a photo op. Here are some Instagram captions for the Simpsons at Universal Studios.

  • And you thought the Simpsons weren't real...
  • Springfield is really all its cracked up to be.
  • Doh!!
  • Good thing there were no riots in Springfield today!