How Dumb It Is To Be Mad About A Female Doctor Who As Told By Twitter

"...but sure, a woman in the role of Doctor Who is weird."

On Sunday, Dr. Who announced their 13th doctor will be (drumroll please) FEMALE

Actress Jodie Whittaker will take on the roll of the next doctor in the series and the internet has mixed emotions.

Some of us are jumping for joy...

While others reminisce on the strides the world is making for women

Most of us are feeling pretty triumphant!

But of course we can't all be supporters, can we?!

I mean COME ON PEOPLE! Seriously?

Thankfully, where negativity exists, so does humor.

The best responses pointed out how ridiculous it is to be mad at all

Sarcastically showing that casting Jodie Whittaker is actually a good thing was the best response the internet could give because, really, what is the difference between a male and a female Doctor Who?

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