Heathers Season 1 Premiere: Where To Watch, Preview, And More


Heathers Season 1 Premiere: Where To Watch Online And On TV

The new show Heathers follows the plot of the 80s classic that features all the classic high school drama that you'd expect, with a big twist, a horror movie aspect that definitely won't get old with a remake. Paramount has reimagined the movie with a more diverse cast. In fact, one of the Heathers is male. We just can't wait to watch the new Heathers on Paramount, and hope you feel the same way. Here's where to watch Heathers season 1 premiere online and on TV.

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Where To Watch Heathers Season 1 On TV

After a slight delay from the original air date, Heathers will premiere on Paramount Network this Wednesday, March 7. The show experienced a slight push back due to the tragic shooting in Florida. The show addresses the issue of gun violence and desired to respect the coverage of the tragedy by pushing their air date to this Wednesday. Tune in to watch it live!

Update: Due to the shootings in Florida, it looks like the premiere date for Heathers has been moved. When? We aren't sure yet. But, we'll update you as soon as we can.

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Where To Watch Heathers Season 1 Online - Paramount

If you log on to the Paramount Network website you will already find tons of exclusive videos and information about the new show. They have trailers, articles, interviews and more! If you can't tune in to watch the show live, you will definitely be able to watch episodes on the Paramount website. Be sure to check it out!

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Where To Watch Heathers Season 1 Online - Amazon Video And iTunes

Since Heathers has not come out yet, there aren't episodes posted on Amazon Video, yet. However, Amazon and iTunes have become such a reliable site for streaming that we definitely think they will offer Heathers for purchase for $1.99. Usually, Amazon and iTunes post episodes as they air on live TV so check it out on Wednesday after the first episode of Heathers comes out. The best part about buying shows on Amazon Video or iTunes is that they never expire! So you can watch them over and over again!