Heathers 2018 Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Photos, And Spoilers

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Heathers 2018 Reboot: Everything You Need To Know

You might remember Heathers movie from the 80s with Winona Ryder, well here comes a remake! This time it will be a show on Paramount that features much of the same themes from the 80s movie with a Heathers 2018 reboot. That's right, mean girls, high school cliques, and the drama of teenage life. And yes, there will still be horror! We can expect the same kind of suspense and angst from the movie. Read on to find Heathers 2018 Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Photos, Spoilers, And Network.

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Heathers 2018 Premiere Date and Network

The new Heathers show premieres this Wednesday, March 7 on Paramount Network. If you cannot watch the show on live TV, you will definitely be able to watch it online. If you log on to Paramount's website you can find trailers, sneak peaks, interviews, and more. The episodes should be posted on this page, as well. You can find the trailer for this week's episode on the website as well. If you are looking for spoilers for Heathers on Paramount, read on!

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Heathers 2018 Cast

Many of the characters will have the same names as the characters from the 80s. For example, Veronica Sawyer, originally played by Winona Ryder, is now played by Grace Victoria Cox. This show's many "Heathers," pun intended, will be played by some women, and one man, yay diversity! This man is Brendan Scannell who flips the script on an old drama and brings in a new androgynous perspective.

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Heathers 2019 Spoilers

Here is your SPOILER ALERT don't read on if you don't want to know more exclusive info about the show! As you can imagine, the new TV series of Heathers follows a similar plot to the 80s movie. While the movie followed authentic 80s movie tradition, the show will have similar style and characters, 80s theme that is. So you can expect lots of leather and lace! In addition, there will still be one outcast student plotting to kill the cool kids, because it just wouldn't be Heathers without it.