Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record A Story?


Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record A Story?

Although this app is supposed to be for viewing pictures and videos just one time, we can't help it! We can all admit it, sometimes we want to screen record Snapchats from other people. Whether it is because they are funny pictures, pretty pictures, or even surprising pictures, we have all screenshotted a snap or snap story. But does Snapchat notify when you screen record a story? This is crucial information for Snap users across the globe to know whether or not they can screen record in secret. Read on to find out if Snapchat notifies when you screen record stories on their app!

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Does Snapchat Notify When You Screenshot A Story

Snapchat, an app where pictures and videos are only supposed to be viewed one time, or replayed once after that, does notify when you screenshot a story. While the controversial Snapchat update this year has made viewing stories a little more complicated by mixing them in with the list of Snapchats you have received or sent recently, they have not gotten rid of that feature. To see if someone screenshots your story, go to where you'd look at who views your story, and you'll see a screenshot notification. If you scroll down, you can see who screenshotted it highlighted in green.

So, what about screen recording?

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Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record

Here is a loophole in Snapchat's privacy settings, they do not notify when you take a screen recording. The newest version of iOS on iPhones enables screen recording on your phone. However, this is different than screenshotting because you can take videos of what is happening on your screen. It seems Snapchat has not yet figured out how to notify for that feature. However, once they do, we are pretty certain they will figure out how to notify. They definitely want to keep their app secure. In the meantime, be careful what you Snap! You never know who is keeping it.