Do Bumble BFF Matches Expire? After How Long?

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Do Bumble BFF Matches Expire?

In addition to meeting young singles to date in your area, the dating app Bumble can also help you find new friends through the Bumble BFF feature. Oftentimes, apps designed to facilitate conversation make matches expire do to inactivity. If you connect with a potential new friend in your area and forget to hit them up, do Bumble BFF matches expire when you take too much time to reach out?

Bumble BFF Matches DO Expire

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Yes, Bumble BFF matches do expire if the app detects inactivity between the users.

Bumble BFF serves to push people out of their comfort zones and help them make new friends in a way they usually wouldn't be able to. So hurry up and reach out! Everyone on Bumble BFF wants to hang just like you do. Plus, you never know, maybe the Cristina to your Meredith is just a quick message away!

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