Can Someone See If You Look At Their Tinder Profile?

Can Someone See If You Look At Their Tinder Profile?

Popular dating/hook up app Tinder has people swiping left and right all day, but [can someone see if you look at their Tinder profile](( If you click on someone's Tinder profile accidentally, or on purpose, can they tell that you have checked them out? Many Tinder users click through and visit people's profiles before they decide if they want to match with them.

No, they can't. Nobody can see if you look at their Tinder profile.

Someone Cannot See If You Look At Their Tinder Profile

Just like you can't see if someone has read your Tinder message you can't see if someone looks at your Tinder profile or if you look at someone else's. If you are swiping left through Tinder profiles and happen to click on one that catches your eye, they won't be able to see that you looked at their Tinder profile unless you match with them.

The swipe-ee will be able to see if you have matched with them, but won't be able to tell that you just snuck a peak at their Tinder profile. So, don't worry, you can check out those pictures and fun facts in secret before you decide if their dog selfie was enough to spark your interest and start a conversation.

So, go ahead and look through as many Tinder profiles as you want! Nobody will ever know ;)

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