How To Tell If Someone Else Logs Into Your WhatsApp Account

Can Someone Else Log Into My Whats App?

WhatsApp is a popular free international messaging and calling app. WhatsApp can be used in any country and no additional costs apply. With so many saved conversations and private messages, it is important that nobody else can log into your WhatsApp. How can someone else log into my WhatsApp? Is it possible for someone else to log into my WhatsApp without me knowing?

Someone else can log into your WhatsApp if they have a phone where you have signed in, they know your password or — if your WhatsApp account is linked to your Facebook — they know your Facebook password.

In the event that you think someone might be logged into your WhatsApp account — for example, in the case of a lost or stolen phone — immediately call your cell phone provider and lock your SIM card. Additionally, if you sign into your WhatsApp account on another device, you can deactivate your account to prevent further use of your account on another phone.