How To Tell If Someone Else Logs Into Your Instagram Account

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Can Someone Else Log Into My Instagram?

With Instagram becoming more of a social tool than ever, users want to know: Can someone else log into my Instagram?

Someone else can log into your Instagram if they have a phone where you have signed in, they know your password, or — if your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook — they know your Facebook password.

So, someone Else Can Log Into Your Instagram, But...

...only if they know your passwords!

If you have your Instagram account linked to your phone number or Facebook account, you are more likely to risk someone else logging into your account without you knowing. Instagram does not have a feature that tells you when someone else logs into your account.

Like most other password protected apps, Instagram suggests creating strong passwords with a variety of characters. In addition, passwords should be different — at least slightly — for all of your accounts. (But, hey, we're all guilty of reusing a password at some point!)