10 Best Companies to Work for as a Woman Ranked

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10 Best Companies to Work For as a Woman Ranked By You

Women have always stood together, helping each other be the best they can be and live their best lives. The place for women in the workforce is wherever she chooses, but some companies are more accommodating than others. Help us rank the top 10 places to work as a woman, taking into consideration benefits, salaries, CEOs and more. Especially in light of the current political climate, standing together is more important than ever. Know your rights, slay your pay, and support these companies. With roles in everything from tech to creative, here are some of the best of the best places to work as a woman, ranked by you. Hardworking Michelle Obama would approve!

American Express


When a whopping 76 percent of AmEx female employees would recommend American Express to other women, you know its a good place to work.



This large tech company is one of the few offices that really takes pride in equal pay and gender neutrality.

Kaiser Permanente


The company that advertises "thrive" sure does show a number of female employees out there #thriving.



Apple recently published a statistic that 36% of their employees are females under 30


Wall Street Journal

Deloitte has compliance training in place to ensure gender neutrality, and guess what, it works! Satisfaction rates are through the roof!

Delta Airlines


Delta flies high on the list of great places to work for women, a coveted spot!

Hallmark Cards


Talk about killing it in the stats! Hallmark Inc. has 83% of employees, 40% of senior managers and 75% of board members are women, sounds like there is huge growth rates for women.



Women approve of working at Google, even more than men, talk about steps toward feminism!

Levi Strauss & Co


A longtime maker of jeans for men and women, not only does Levi's publicly speaks out for gender equality in the apparel industry, but they are all about unisex and gender neutral clothing.

Harvard University


Calling all academics!! Academia is historically a male-dominated field, but Harvard University has made it their priority to hire women and minorities.

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