You Need These 22 Brilliant Parenting Hacks In Your Life Asap

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A few tips and tricks to help you along your adventure through the wild world of parenting.

1. Use a Fitted Sheet To Keep Bugs Out of Baby's Crib While Playing Outside

2. Use a Cupcake Wrapper To Prevent Drippy Popsicles

3. Don't Let That Old Crib Sit Around Taking Up Space!

4. Use a Shoe Organizer For Fun Back Set Activity Storage

5. Make Medicine Time Easier With This Stealthy Trick

6. Use To-Go Containers To Keep Your Baby's Pacifiers Clean

7. Use This Pool Noodle Trick To Keep Kids Safely Tucked In at Night

8. Keep Scary Monster's at Bay With Your Own Homemade "Monster Spray"

9. Use a Blow-Up Pool For The World's Safest Baby Pin

10. Help Baby Get a Better Bottle Grip With This Easy Trick

11. Tie a Bedsheet Over a Table for an Instant Kid-Sized Hammock

12. Use an Old Lotion Bottle To Help Your Little Guys Reach the Sink

13. Use Old Milk Bottles for Colored Pencil Organizers

14. Trace Your Kid's Feet If They Don't Want To Go Shoe Shopping

15. Make Your Kids Reusable Cups With Magnets

16. Turn an Old DVD Case Into a Sketchbook/Pencil Holder

17. Old Egg Carton= Disposable Painting Palette

18. Use Cookie Cutters To Keep Curious Little Hands From Opening Cabinets

19. Head to Before Trips To Big Events

20. A Little Glitter and Some Glue= Tooth Fairy Money

21. Check Out This Helpful Shoe Trick for Little Guys and Gals

22. Sew Some Beans Inside a Glove To Give Baby a Little Extra Comfort

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