Elderly Wife Hides Love Note For Her Husband To Discover After Her Death

Cliff Sims via Facebook

Though she had passed away, Billie Breland found a way to ease the pain of her beloved husband of 60 years.

At the beginning of 2015, 83 year-old Billie Breland's family got the call that every family dreads. After suffering a fall while visiting family over the Thanksgiving holidays, the former school teacher had been forced to undergo hip surgery as well as a stint in an unfamiliar rehabilitation center, the effects of which had caused her health to rapidly deteriorate.

Regardless, Billie's family had remained optimistic, considering she had previously been in good health except for the occasional short-term memory lapse. After returning to her home in Cleveland, Mississippi, Billie had remained under the care of Jimmy, her faithful husband of 60 years, right up until the January night she passed away.


Upon hearing the news, Billie's family and hundreds of friends flocked to the funeral home to wish her farewell. Between her work as a teacher and Jimmy's forty year career as a Baptist preacher, the couple had affected countless lives.

None the less, Billie's grandson, Cliff Sims, confessed in a story, which he later penned for yellowhammernews, that the family had worried about the effect that Billie's passing would have on her beloved husband of six decades. It wasn't until a few days later that the family would discover a note that Billie had hidden in her checkbook for Jimmy to find after she passed away.


Cliff explained, "She was an avid note writer. Every photo on the walls of their home is meticulously documented. She wrote down funny things that happened or quotes she wanted to remember, all in the perfect cursive handwriting that could only belong to a school teacher."

The last note that Billie had written for her husband however, wasn't a memory or even a that quote she had taken to heart, but a promise to Jimmy that there's was a love that would outlast anything, even death itself.

Cliff Sims via Facebook