Mom Gives Birth To Her Own Niece

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Lots of us dream our whole lives of having kids one day. Of course, it doesn't matter if you've been nurturing baby dolls since you were just a wee little thing or being the best auntie in the world.

Surrogate Sisters

As many ladies who are lucky enough to have one know, there’s a special bond between sisters that can go a long way as far as knowing there’ll always be someone in the world who has got your back. For many sisters out there, this bond may even come with a few choice benefits such as sharing clothing or covering for each other in tricky situations. For Australian sisters Aimee Morrisby, 26, and Shayna Wiffen, 24, however, this unique bond produced something far more precious than the joys of an extended wardrobe.

The sisters’ journey began in childhood, when Aimee was diagnosed with a bowel condition known as Hirschsprung disease which can cause painful blockages in the large intestine. Throughout her life, Aimee would be forced to undergo somewhere between 40-50 surgeries in an attempt to keep the condition under control. It wasn’t until a trip to the hospital around age 21 however, that her doctor began to realize the implications that the resulting scar tissue could have on Aimee’s ability to have children. In fact, as Aimee explained to Daily Mail Australia, her doctor suggested she waste no time if she wanted children to be a part of her future. “The doctor said if I was at a happy time in my life, I should get cracking having a baby,” Aimee said.

Heeding the doctor’s warning, Aimee and her husband Jake immediately began trying for a child. Despite eight rounds of IVF however, their attempts would end only in heartache as the couple endured four pregnancies that all ended in miscarriage. "I got to nine weeks with twins and I lost both of those. That's what stopped it all,” Aimee told Daily Mail. “I went and got some second opinions. I met with my bowel surgeon and he handed me a picture of what was supposed to be my uterus and it was a big ball of scar tissue.”

It was just as Aimee and Jake were starting to make peace with the idea that they might not be able to have kids that Aimee’s sister Shayna stepped in with an incredible offer that would change everything. "My sister rang me at 10 o'clock one night and said let's have a baby,” Aimee says of the fateful telephone call in which her sister offered to be a she and Jake's surrogate mom.

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As soon as the amazed Aimee made sure her sister was positive about the offer, she not only accepted it but resigned from her job so that she could move closer to Shayna in order to help her through the pregnancy and eventual delivery.

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After being impregnated with one of Aimee’s frozen embryos, Shayna would go on to carry her sister’s gorgeous daughter Francesca, who is now a happy, healthy 8- month old girl.

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As one might imagine, Franscesca’s water birth was an incredibly emotional experience not only for the sisters but also for their husbands, both of whom were nothing but supportive throughout the entire process. Looking back on the moment when Shayna delivered her beautiful daughter, Aimee says, “When Francesca came out of the water and my husband cut the cord I couldn't move. I could not believe what she had just done.”

Hailey Sherrie Photography via YouTube

After admiring her new niece for a few moments after her birth, Shayna lovingly handed the newborn off to her beaming parents who remain forever grateful for the miracle baby she helped them to create.

Hailey Sherrie Photography via YouTube
Hailey Sherrie Photography via YouTube

“My biggest advice to mothers that are pushing themselves to the brink is that it is OK to stop trying in your own body,” Aimee said, looking back on the experience. “At the end of the day there is no way my own daughter would be as happy and healthy if I had given birth to her.”

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