What Should My Boyfriend Should Wear To A Music Festival?

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Does your boyfriend need help picking out his music festival outfits? We've got you covered.

If and your guy are headed out to Coachella, SXSW, Lollapalooza, or any other music festival this summer, you may have been too busy picking out your own outfits to ask, "What should my boyfriend wear to a music festival?" Though some guys out there may be so music savvy they can name any song just by hearing a line, they may or may not be quite as confident when it comes to fashion as they are with their musical expertise.

If this is the case and your boyfriend should come to you for help in picking out his outfits, then rest assured that we've got you covered. When it comes to what your boyfriend should wear to a music festival, we've put together a sort of crash course in men's music fest fashion to help you help your guy pick out outfits that are both stylish and comfortable.

Here you'll get an overview of various guy's music festival styles that'll help you best advise your boyfriend on what to pack when it comes to everything from shirts to shoes to accessories. So if you, your boyfriend, or both are new to the festival scene or are just looking to check in for new ideas, you've come to the right place.

While what your boyfriend should wear to a music festival is ultimately up to him of course, there's never any harm in being prepared just in case he asked you to lend a hand, right? So come on in and get your stand-by fashion advisory skills up to par with a collection of some of the music festival fashion staples rocked by men across the country!

Men's Music Festival Shirts

When it comes to the best shirts for guy's music festival shirts, look for lightweight, advise your boyfriend to look for some lightweight tops that are going to keep him comfortable throughout those long days in the sun. The obvious choice are a collection of classic t-shirts either in grey, black, or white tons. You can never go wrong with these and even if he opts for something a little less bold, they are easy to liven up with well-placed accessories.

Guy's shirts with bold patterns or slogans have also been popular lately, but if your boyfriend goes the slogan route just make sure the statement is actually worth saying and under no circumstances let him out of the house with something lame like a "This guy loves boobs" t-shirt or some such atrocity.


Floral button shirts are also sort of a staple for men's festival fashion and are nice because he can button up or down and adjust the sleeves if they are longer according to how the weather behaves throughout the day. Darker, subtle colors are the best choice here, as you don't want him to look like a Hawaiian tourist gone terribly wrong.


Surfer style men's tanks are also in right now, so if you're heading out to a fest where the weather tends to be on the hotter side, this can be a great choice to keep your guy cool throughout the day. If you fear it may cool off at night, just make sure to remind him to bring a sweatshirt or long-sleeve button-up that he can wear wrapped around his waist, which also comes in handy to throw on the grass to sit on if he needs to take a load off.


Denim is also a great men's festival fashion staple and can be an easy way to add a slightly edgy feel to your boyfriend's outfit. Not only is it durable, a nice mid-toned blue or of course black flannel is an easy addition to most outfits.


Men's Music Festival Shorts And Pants Styles

When it comes to shorts, your boyfriend's music festival outfit can't go wrong if it incorporates denim cut-offs in blue, black, or grey. Aim for a slim or straight fit pair that will keep him comfortable throughout the day and make sure they've got all the pockets he'll need to store things in throughout the day.


Slim-fit jeans and pants are also in, but how good a choice these will be will largely come down to the weather, as there's no reason to spend the day burning up in a pair of hip huggers. Another alternative is of course to roll them up at the bottom so they won't end up cover in dust and all the other unsavory things that end up on festival grounds.


Music Festival Guys' Shoes

When it comes to music festival comfort, perhaps the most important part of your boyfriend's festival outfit will come down to his shoes. Though he may be tempted to pull out his favorite pair of flip-flops, these are to be highly advised against. A combination of standing on his feet all day, the possibility of losing them in a crowd, and the rubble strewn grounds of many music festivals all make for a really bad combo where the flip-flop is concerned. The festival-going guy's best bet here is a nice pair of closed toed shoes, though he may not want to bring his favorite or most expensive pair if he's worried about them getting dirty.

Look for a comfortable pair of anything from skater or boating shoes to trainers that'll compliment his outfits well or even a pair of boots, which are great for almost any outfit. Boots are an especially great choice if he plans to incorporate any bohemian-style accessories and are a nice way to give him a subtle hint of edge.


The Best Men's Music Fest Hats

If there's any time for your guy to work a hat into his outfit, it's a music festival, because as we all know, it tends to get a little sunny at most of them. When selecting the perfect guy's music festival hat, go for a blend of style and practical sun protection. Caps are an obvious choice and are an easy way to add a little color or style to your guy's outfit while keep the sun out his eyes and his hair out of his face.

Fedoras and Indian Jones style hats in neutral colors are also great if you're going for a classic bohemian look, just make sure to keep it simple to avoid going over-the-top. Hats should be more of a subtle but cool accent to his outfit rather than total attention grabbers.


Don't Forget Your Men's Festival Sunglasses

When it comes to music festival style sunglasses, make sure the eyewear your guy selects is practical and avoid things like Kanye style shutter lenses. Mirror glasses are always a great choice and are an easy way to add a little color to his outfit if he's gone with darker tones.

Wayfarers, aviators, and round styles are all great, but over-all make sure he ends up with a pair that are actually going to protect his eyes throughout the day and aren't so heavy that they become uncomfortable, especially when he starts sweating. Also beware that a music festival may or may not be the place to bust out a super expensive pair of shades, as the possibly of recovering them if he loses them are substantially lower. You may even want to advise him to take a back-up pair just in case.


The Best Bags For Festival Going Men

When it comes to keeping up with water, extra sunglasses, and all the other things he'll want to have on him throughout the day, a backpack or ruck sack of some sort is highly advised. The goal here is to select something that has plenty of room while being light enough that he's not going to drive him crazy if he wants to bounce around while listening to his favorite band. Go for something that's easy to hang out throughout the day in a neutral tone he can use later to carry to the gym or other events.

....And of Course Men's Music Festival Accessories

When it comes to men's music festival accessories, you can't go wrong by adding in a dash of subtle bohemian style. Leather or beaded bracelets are always popular and a single, minimalist necklace is a great way to pull together an outfit, particularly with a denim or lose button down shirt.


Go forth with these tips and enjoy you fashion forward boyfriend at the music festival near you!

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