What If My Boyfriend Doesn't Post Pictures Of Us On Instagram?


Wondering why your boyfriend doesn't post pics of you on Insta? Here are the right questions to help get to the bottom of it.

These days, with the all-out takeover of social media, women around the globe are suddenly confronted with all whole new slew of bizarre concerns, such as whether the fact that their boyfriends don't post pictures of them together on Instagram is a sign of impending relationship doom. Unlike Facebook, where the relationship status box leaves little room for doubt, Instagram is pretty much exclusively reliant on photos when it comes to piecing together the story of someone's life. So it stands to reason that it may make some ladies a little nervous that there's little evidence of them on their man's Instagram account to let women know that their guy is spoken for.

When it comes down to it however, exactly how pressing a concern should it be if you find yourself with a guy who doesn't do a whole lot of tagging when it comes to your personal life together? The truth is, it's hard to say unless you really look at the full picture and all the surrounding circumstances. Here are a couple questions that you'll want to ask when it comes to getting to the bottom of why your boyfriend doesn't post pictures of you on Instagram.

What Kind Of Things Does He Tend To Post?


Before you get overly concerned about your lack of face time on his Instagram account, really take a look at the kinds of things that your boyfriend does tend to post. Is he more the type that likes sending out things like memes or funny videos? How often does he post at all and when he does, what kinds of pictures does he tend to share?

Now obviously, if he's a lifeguard and his posts are full of shirtless photos of him and a bunch of chicks in bikinis, you've quite possibly got cause for concern. But if his feed is more viral content, with the occasional photo of him and his buddies, then the odds are he's not that abnormal.

Whereas women tend to see social media as a sort of online scrap-booking tool, many guys don't take it all that seriously. If you're still concerned however, ask him about it. The odds are you may find that it honestly never occurred to him and he had no idea it was something you'd be worried about.

Could It Go Back To Shyness Or Privacy Concerns?


If you're guy only posts the occasional photo of you guys together, then it could go back to another reason all together. Some guys simply don't like the idea of putting their lives out there for everyone to see. Whereas most women love showing off their men on social media, the idea of flaunting their relationship is a bit more taboo for some guys and makes them uncomfortable. Security concerns could especially be a factor if you've got young children and at the end of the day, some men just prefer to keep their private lives private.

How Does He Treat You In Real Life?


When it comes down to the deciding factor, it should always be how he actually treats you in real life. If he's constantly ignoring you and staring at posts from sketchy unknowns on his private Instagram account, then by all means, feel free to run screaming into the night. If however, he's always proud to show you off to his friends, loves spending time with you, and makes sure you're welcome at all the events in his life, then there's a strong possibility that you're just a lot more into Instagram than he is. In other words, if it's honestly you're biggest relationship concern, chances are it's safe to count your blessings.

Hopefully this has been helpful when it comes to sorting through your Instagram concerns!

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