What If My Boyfriend Doesn't Post Pictures Of Us On Facebook?

What if my boyfriend doesn't post pictures of us on facebook? Why doesn't my boyfriend post about us on facebook? Women vs. Men On Facebook, relationships, science & tech

Concerned about your boyfriend's lack of online pride in your relationship? Here are the right questions to help you get to the bottom of it.

Okay, so "what if my boyfriend doesn't post pictures of use on Facebook" is pretty much the essence of millennial angst, but let's admit it, these days Facebook is kind of a big deal. In the modern world, many people use Facebook for everything from political debates to sharing their lives long-distance to letting the world know whether or not they're "Facebook official." So what if you find yourself in a relationship but wondering why your boyfriend doesn't post pictures of you together on Facebook?

Could it be that women just tend to be more into the whole social media thing or should it signify deeper worries, such as whether or not he's trying to hide you from someone else he may be seeing on the side? Well, the short answer is, it all depends. So if you find yourself wondering why your boyfriend doesn't post pictures of you on Facebook, the next step may actually be asking yourself a series of questions that will help you better figure out why.

Are You Facebook Official?


As opposed to Instagram, where photos are about all you have to go on when it comes to piecing together who someone is, Facebook makes it much easier to cut to the chase by allowing you to post whether or not you're in a relationship and with whom. When it comes down to whether your relationship is in trouble or not, this tends to be the biggest clue more so than whether or not he posts a ton of pictures of you guys together. As long as the world knows that you are together, then your cause for concern should greatly diminish, but if he refuses to list is relationship status as something other than single, that's definitely cause for a conversation worth having.

What Does He Post Pictures Of?


Okay, so if you're man is online all the time, is evasive about who he's talking too, or regularly posts pictures of himself with other hot women, then you do probably have cause to be concerned. Not only because is it quite possible that he's got something going on on the side, but also because it's quite possible that you're dating an asshole who's not worthy of your attention.

Generally speaking however, this is rarely the case. A 2015 study actually showed that whereas women tend to use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, men tend to use it for more business-oriented pursuits. So if you find that your guy's Facebook page is more geared towards growing his business or making connections with others in his industry, then rest assured that you are far from alone and that the situation is completely normal.

Could It Be A Privacy Or Security Concern?


Whereas many women find social media a great way to keep friends and family, especially long distance ones, updated about their lives, many men just aren't wired the same way. This is especially true if he isn't really all that close to his family members or if he's more the private type that shies away from sharing too much personal information online. Whereas you may see it as a jab at your pride, it may just be his protective instincts kicking in, in an attempt to keep your family life away from prying eyes.

How Often Does He Post At All?


Though you may see social media as a sort of online scrapbook, many men, especially as they mature, may find such a venture about as appealing as a real life trip to the scrapbook store. If he's the type who only posts occasionally, then the odds are that he use social media more as an impersonal news and information source. So if he's the type who only posts every now and then as a way to share major life events, then rest assured he's far from abnormal.

Does He Show You Off In Real Life?


The most important consideration of all however, is how he treats you in regard to his friends in real life. As long as he always makes you feel welcome among his friends and family and seems proud to show you off when interacting in real life, then these things should be far more of a consideration that his online presence. While the temptation may be to wonder if he's ashamed of you if he doesn't post pictures of you together online, unless you start to feel the same tendencies surfacing in real life, then the odds are that you may simply be dealing with a difference between men and women.

Hopefully this has helped you gain a little habit into your significant other's posting habits!

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