What Does The Green Star On Instagram Favorites Mean?

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Check out the newest feature Instagram is currently testing before it rolls out to the masses!

As Instagram begins to test out their newest trail feature, soon the question on everyone's mind may be, what does the green star on Instagram Favorites mean? The soon to be coveted green star has to do with the fact that lately Instagram has begun testing a new way to share posts with only a limited group of friends, as opposed to everyone who happens to be following them. Very similar to Facebook's "share" options, in which you can chose only certain groups of friends or family to share a particular post with, the new feature is aimed at giving Instagram users more control over their audience.

Here we'll take a look at what the green star on Instagram Favorites means…or will mean, if the feature rolls out on a large scale and give you a bit of a sneak peak at how and when it use it when the time comes. At the moment, the feature is only available for a small, selected group of users, so there's no need to get bent out of shape if you don't start seeing a ton of green stars anytime soon. You never know however, you may just know one of the lucky few in the test group and start seeing them pop up every now and then.

So, what does the green star on Instagram Favorites mean?" Basically, that someone likes you.


More or less, the whole test is aimed at encouraging Instagram users to post more by offering you the peace of mind that if you should want to share that slightly embarrassing but hilarious photo of drunk-you with a traffic cone on your head, you don't necessarily have to admit your temporary lapse in etiquette to the world at large. Instead you'll be able to shoot out all the fun to a select group of trusted friends and family who you're fairly sure won't send it to TMZ should your day in the spotlight ever arrive.

If the Instagram Favorite's feature goes public, you'll be able to add selected close friends to your favorites list, by bestowing their name on your contacts list with a green star. You'll also be able to add green stars or take them off of any contact's name at any time if the need should ever arise. Rest assured that no one will know if they've been kicked off your favorites list, as the only way to ever really be sure whether you made the cut or not is by seeing a friend's posts with a green favorites badge attached to them.

Once your favorites are selected, you'll see a new option that pops up each time to go to share a post or story that allows you to either share it with everyone who's following you or with only the people on your favorites list. When you're scrolling through your own Instagram feed, if you happen to see a post from a friend that has a green favorites badge on it, you'll know that you were are of the elite green star recipients who is able to see the post on your feed.

When it comes to your own post history, you'll also see a new "favorites" tab, once the feature rolls out to the world at large, where you can view the posts that you've chosen to share only with your favorites list as opposed to all the others that you've shared publicly.

Obviously this will come in handy for those who have managed to accumulate a large following that consists of friends as well as strangers or just for those who really don't want to share each and every moment of college as it unfolds with their moms.

Fingers crossed that the test trail goes well and soon Instagram brings the Green Star option to the world at large!

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