What Do The Pet Shop Boys Look Like Now?

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Check out what iconic musical duo the Pet Shop Boys look like today!

Ever hear one of their songs on the radio and catch yourself wondering, "What do the Pet Shop Boys look like now?" Just in case you're not familiar with the world of electronic pop, the Pet Shop Boys, founded in 1981, consists of musical duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. While both of the boys man the keyboards, Neil generally handles the vocals and occasionally the guitar, while Chris has made his image around standing back from the crowd, almost as if looking on as an observer.

As far as what they've been up to, the duo is still alive and well, not only still making music but also currently touring. So if you want to hear their stellar music while checking out what the Pet Shop Boys look like now live and in person, check out their tour dates here on their website.


As far as their careers go, the Pet Shop Boys have sold more than 50 million records around the world and scored the title of "Most Successful Duo in UK Music History" in The Guinness Book of Records. Since 1985 they've enjoyed 42 Top 30 singles and 20 Top 10 Hits on the UK Singles Chart. Of their many hits, 4 of their songs even enjoyed the number one spot in the UK including "West End Girls," "It's a Sin," "Heart," and their celebrated cover of "Always on My Mind."

The Pet Shop Boys have also included a series of illustrious awards including an award for Outstanding Contribution to Music at the 2009 Brit Awards. In 2016, Billboard also named them the No. 1 Billboard Dance duo/group over the past 40 years and in 2017 they received NME's Godlike Genius Award. So come on in and get ready to feast your eyes on what the Pet Shop Boys look like now!

Neil Tennant


Aside from his work with The Pet Shop boys, Neil Tennant is also known for representing the LGBT community after coming out as openly gay during a 1994 interview with Attitude magazine. He's also been a patron of Elton John's AIDS Foundation and in 1998 was included on a list of the largest financial donors to the Labor Party, before later switching his allegiance to the Liberal Democrats.


Despite political differences, Neil also worked with David Cameron to organize the official pardon of LGBT scientist Alan Turing, the scientist and mathematician on whom the movie "The Imitation Game" was based. The effort was successful and the pardon went through in December of 2013 after being signed by Queen Elizabeth II.


Neil has also been a proponent of ending ageism in music, revealing that multiple DJ's have admitted to not playing the band's records, simply because they were too "old." Fortunately however, the Pet Shop Boys are still on the scene, proving that such attitudes are completely unfounded.

Chris Lowe


Throughout his partnership with Neil, Chris Lowe has become known for being the more understated of the two Pet Shop Boys. Often wearing large sunglasses or even various items on his head, Chris usually stands slightly behind Neil on stage and sometimes even in photo shoots, appearing to look on as a spectator.


When the duo perform, Chris often stands still while playing his keyboards, leading the Guardian to comment in 1995 that he was "possibly more famous for not doing anything than almost anyone else in the history of popular entertainment."

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