What Do People Do With Bitmojis?

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You may have heard of the new bitmoji craze...but what exactly are bitmojis and what do people do with them?

If you've heard about the new bitmoji trend that's been emerging lately, you may be wondering -what do people do with bitmojis and what exactly are they? Well basically a bitmoji is a cartoon-like character that you can custom create to look just like yourself. Just head on over to the bitmoji website, where you'll find the bitmoji builder that will allow you to start creating an animated version of yourself with the click of a button.

The cool thing about bitmojis is that after you make one, the app takes the characteristics you chose and then inserts cartoon-you into a huge variety of fun situations. Having a crappy day? Bitmoji will allow you to insert a swooning version of your avatar beneath the words "I can't even" or "FML." Feeling awesome? You can select an option that features cartoon-you looking happy, sending hugs, or exclaiming "yay!"


But what do people do with bitmojis after they're made? Thus begins the cool part. After you create your custom character and place her in the scenario of your choice, you can then send your bitmoji to friends and family using messaging services like iMessage, Snapchat, Facebook, Slack, gmail, or Twitter. After all, sometimes a bitmoji is worth 1,000 words.

So basically, "create fun and expressive custom cartoons" is the easiest answer the next time a friend asks you, what do people do with bitmojis?

You may also be wondering who is behind the whole bitmoji phenomenon and these days, the simple answer is Snapchat, who now owns Bitmoji and offers users tons of ways to integrate it into their Snapping experience. They've ever got a feature called "Friendmoji" which allows you and your Snapchat friends to combine forces and make co-bitmojis with each other.

So if you're ready to get on board the bitmoji train, then here are a few simple ways you can get started on your favorite apps.


How To Download Bitmoji For iPhone And iPad


When it comes to getting Bitmoji on your iPhone or iPad, it couldn't be easier, as it's a free custom keyboard app and now even includes an iMessage sticker extension. So either just head on over to the App store on your device or click here to get started.

How To Link Bitmoji With Snapchat


As we mentioned above, Bitmoji is now owned by Snapchat, which is probably your best bet for the best all-around Bitmoji experience. For a quick and easy guide on how to use it on Snapchat, check out this video and guide.

How To Use Bitmoji In iMessage


Thanks to a recent app extension, you should already be able to use bitmojis as iMessage stickers if you have Messages set to automatically enable new sticker backs. If not however, just follow these steps to enable it to work:

  • Launch Messages and tap on the button "Show More."
  • Tap on the "Apps" Button
  • Tap on the "Apps Browser" button.
  • Tap on the Store button that may look like an a+
  • Tap on the Manage tab and you should see an option to switch Bitmoji on.
  • Switch it on, tap done, and enjoy.

How To Use Bitmojis On Your Desktop


In order to insert bitmojis on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else with a text box, just head over to the Bitmoji website where the app will be added to your browser once installed. If for instance you're using Google Chrome, it will appear as a green rectangle with a smiley face next to your url address bar. Just click to open it, select the bitmoji you want to use and you can copy and paste it pretty much anywhere.

To select the one you want to copy, just click on it, then right click and paste it into a text box, such as your status update on Facebook.

Now that you know what bitmojis are and how to use them, get out there and let the fun begin!

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