What Are The Best Angry Bitmojis?

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Feeling a little steamed? These angry bitmoji's have got your back.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of one of those days that's getting the best of you at each turn, you may start to wonder, what are the best angry bitmojis? Sometimes when you're temper is high and you can feel the rage starting to flow through you, it can be a little more difficult than normal to put your emotions into words. That's where some of the best angry bitmojis out there can come in handy.

Bitmojis have a way of saying the things you can't fit into words, even if it is through adorable cartoon versions of yourself. Here you'll find a collection of some of the best angry bitmojis around, that are just waiting to bust in on any situation or bad day and express the wrath you can't quite find the words for.

The Bitmoji That Ain't Got Time For Any Nonsense


Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation with someone who seems to know all the right ways to grind your gears? Whether it's a perpetual gossiper trying to pull you into their game or a constant victim trying to manipulate you into one more favor, allow this bitmoji to step in. She's here to shut things down real quick by announcing the simple truth that ain't nobody got time for that.

The Cut To The Chase Bitmoji


The next time you start detecting a little passive aggressiveness coming your way, invite this bitmoji and her adorable but angry crab buddy to speak on your behalf. They're here to cut through the b.s. and get to the bottom of things.

The Oh Hellllll No Emoji


Though he was only there to investigate the situation in the above bitmoji, now cartoon crab is ready to throw down. He's merged with your bitmoji, is steamed, and ready to let everyone know it.

The Friendly Warning Bitmoji


Just receive a comment that didn't sit well with you? Before you throw down right out the gate, sometimes it's better to give the questionable commenter a chance to remember who they're dealing with.


Having one of those dreaded FML days when everything seems to go wrong all at once? Let the world know that it's not necessarily a good day to overload you with any more stress...or better yet, let your bitmoji do it.

The Meltdown Mode Bitmoji


There's nothing worse that approaching a virtual meltdown and being unable to find the words to express it. That's where this handy meltdown mode bitmoji comes in.

The Fightin' Words Emoji


Has someone just managed to incur your wrath? Ready to descend on them like a Georgia hurricane? Let them know that they've ventured into dangerous territory with this delightfully badass taunt.

The Hulk Smash Bitmoji


We've all had those days when we're ready to throw up our hands...preferably after placing them under a table full of highly breakable objects. Next time, save your valuables and some clean-up time by allowing your bitmoji to enact your wrath on her cartoon world.

The Stop Right There Bitmoji


Next time you've heard enough of a conversation to know you have no interest in continuing it further, this is your girl. She'll be there complete with her read sign and the one word that sums up everything you're thinking, "no."

The Artfully Annoyed Bitmoji


Next time life's got you down with anything from a rough day at work or school or just someone who has managed to piss you off yet again, vent your wrath through this chick whose ready to put your aggression into action.

The Bitmoji Who Can't Even Right Now


Perhaps it's an overwhelming conversation or annoying situation that you just can't even with right now. Opt out of this discussion via this bitmoji who has tried and tried again, but still just can't even.

The Hangry Warning Bitmoji


There are a few moods that are dangerous on their own: angry and hungry being prime candidates. But what do you get when their powers are combined? Hangry! Warn the world to clear a path via this hangry girl warning bitmoji.


There's nothing more annoying than when you're trying to make a point but someone is just not listening or otherwise not picking up on the obvious. Give this bitmoji a shot and hope that even though they're not listening to you, maybe they'll listen to her.

As you see, no matter how infuriating the situation, your bitmoji will always have your back.

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