Watch ASAP: The Best Movies On Netflix You've Never Heard Of

Looking for something new to watch tonight? Check out these hidden gems!

The next time you're feeling a Netflix binge coming on, try streaming one of these understated movies:

St. Vincent


Bill Murray and Melissa McCartney star in this heartwarming independent comedy about a grumpy war veteran who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a lonely 12-year-old boy from his neighborhood.

Exit Through the Gift Shop


This documentary, produced by famous graffiti artist Banksy, is an inside look at the underground world of street art as caught through the lends of an eccentric French filmmaker.

Some believe the entire movie is actually a satire orchestrated by Banksy himself, but no one really knows for sure. Either way it's a really fun, interesting watch!

Fruitvale Station


Michael B. Jordan is incredible in this dramatic film based on the true-life tragedy of Oscar Grant, a young man shot by police in San Francisco in 2009.

Though it's definitely a tearjerker, the amazing performances and beautifully shot story make it well worth a watch.

The Fundamentals of Caring


This warming tale stars Paul Rudd as a blocked writer who takes a job as a caretaker for a disabled teen. The two embark on a road trip where they enjoy hilarious adventures, unexpected road romances, and help each other rediscover the joy of life.



Judy Dench plays an adorable Irishwoman who teams up with a journalist in an attempt to find the son she was forced to give up for adoption 50 years ago.

As inspiring as this one is, you'll also find yourself laughing out loud at her heartwarming antics and adventures.

Short Term 12


Brie Larson plays a seasoned supervisor at a state foster care facility who attempts to confront her own past while trying to help the kids in her care retain hope in their futures.

Ten Thousand Saints


Set in the punk rock scene of the 1980's, a teen is sent to live with his estranged dad (Ethan Hawke) in NYC after the tragic death of his best friend.

A Long Way Down


Pierce Brosnan and Aaron Paul star in this surprisingly hilarious drama about a man who attempts to jump off a building on New Year's Eve, only to meet and befriend three strangers on the roof with the exact same intentions.

The American Side


This modern day film noir chronicles the adventures of a Buffalo private investigator who gets swept into a conspiracy involving the quest for a long lost design by Nikola Tesla.

The Grand Seduction


This hysterical indie comedy, starring Taylor Kitsch and Brendan Gleeson, centers around a small Newfoundland fishing village that bands together to try and seduce a young American into signing on as the desperately needed town doctor.



Set in the 1980's, this coming of age tale centers around an 11-year old boy whose criminal father returns after years at large to locate a lost bag of money buried somewhere near their New Zealand home.



Helen Hunt and Luck Wilson shine in this indie tale of a co-dependent mom who follows her surfer son to California. Once there however, she sparks up a romance with a surfing instructor who helps her rediscover her passion for life.

Begin Again


When a down and out music producer (Mark Ruffalo) meets an idealistic young singer song-writer (Kiera Knightly), the two spark a friendship that reignite both their careers... and love lives.

The Way


Martin Sheen stars as a grieving father whose son recently passed away while trying to complete the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in Spain.

When Sheen's character decides to complete the trail himself in honor of his son, he meets a group of unlikely friends and rediscovers himself along the way.

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