Want healthier hair? 10 Simple Tips!

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Prepare to perfect your brushing technique

When it comes to hair care, each woman is different depending on the various condition, thickness, and coloring of locks, but there are a few things that can serve to keep pretty much everyone's hair healthy.

Here you'll find a collection of simply things you can do to keep your hair looking great, just by making a few simple changes.

We've compiled a few tips and tricks for you to bust out the next time you're about to bring out the shampoo and get to styling.

1. Cut Back On Washing


As tempting as it can be to wash your locks every time you take to the shower, it turns out you should only wash 2-3 times a week max. Though we tend to look on oil as a bad thing, it's actually there as a sort of natural conditioner that helps protect your hair.

Washing every day strips your hair of these natural oils and can even cause a vicious cycle of over-production. Rather than turning to shampooing every day for overly oily hair, try using a good dry shampoo which keeps things manageable while maintaining the essential moisture your hair needs.

2. The Art of a Good Shampoo

When it is time to bust out the shampoo, don't overdo it and make sure you focus the action mostly on your scalp. Rest assured that the shampoo will rinse down to the ends, so there's no need to focus on really scrubbing them. As you work the shampoo in, give you scalp a good massage to detoxify it and increase blood circulation.

3. Avoid Overly Hot Water


Though no one loves the idea of taking a cold shower, the cooler the water the better when it comes to washing your hair. Excessively hot water can dry your hair out and even create tangles.

4. Towel Dry Before Conditioning

Make sure you invest in a quality conditioner because it can make an even bigger difference than what shampoo you use. After you're done rinsing off from the shampoo stage, take a minute to squeeze out extra water and even towel dry your hair a little before adding shampoo. Hair that's still full of water has little room to absorb much else and can keep the conditioner from really being able to do it's thing.

5. Concentrate on the Ends Of Your Hair When Conditioning


Remember how you should mostly concentrate on shampooing the scalp? When it comes to conditioning, you'll want to reverse things and spread the conditioner mostly along the away from the roots, which can cause your scalp to get greasier faster.

6. Don’t Over-Do It On the Towel Dry

When you first get out of the shower and your hair is still super wet, it's actually weaker and much susceptible to breakage. Instead of going all Rambo on it with your towel, try to gently squeeze it dry and use a comb rather than a brush for initial brush outs. Some experts say that you should try combing or brushing from the bottom and work your way up to avoid damage to your roots.

7. Keep Those Brushes Clean


Though we may not think about it often, how many of us actually take the time to check out what's going on with our hair brush? Over time, they can actually accumulate oil and product build-up which can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Needless to say, these are all things better left off your head! Try cleaning them out at least once a month with an easy combo of baking soda and lukewarm water.

8. Get Your Brush On

When it comes to how often to brush, aim for two times a day, each for a minute a piece. Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night.

9. Perfect the Art of the At-Home Blow-Dry


They key to a good blow-dry comes from keeping things moving. When you first start, flip your head upside down and blow-dry your hair out while shaking your head a bit. This can help when it comes to creating more volume, in which case the more movement, the better. Once it's about 80% dry, flip your head back up and dry it out using a round brush, making sure you concentrate on polishing the ends, especially the last three inches.

Movement is important when it comes to the blow-drying as well, which will help you avoid focusing too much heat on any single spot.

10. Avoid Breakage Situations

When it comes to hair ties, chose your weapons wisely. Overly tight ones can cause breakage and produce fizziness, so opt for the softest option you can find.

Another great way to avoid breakage causing tangles is to loosely bread your hair when you go to bed. Though you don't want to braid too tight, a lose braid or side braid can keep things from getting messy while you sleep.

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