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Check out the newest 2017 Twitter updates and see how they'll help you up your character count.

When it comes to 2017 Twitter updates, don't worry, not a huge amount has changed with one of the world's favorite social media sites. There have however been a few 2017 Twitter updates, mostly in the way of safety, with the exception of big shift that gives you a little more room to make each and every one of your allotted 140 characters count.

So come on in and take a look at how Twitter is attempting to give you an easier, more convenient, and safer using experience with this 2017 Twitter updates.

User Names No Longer Count Towards Your 140 Characters

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the inability to say your piece or send the perfect reply on Twitter in just 140 characters? Well, in March Twitter introduced a few ways to make things a little bit easier. With the updated version of Twitter, you can now reply to someone or a conversation without @usernames counting toward your 140 maximum. So now you can reply to @GuyWithaReallyLongAnnoyingTwitterHandle without having to worry about his name taking up half your reply.

Now the person you are replying too will appear above the tweet itself rather than as part of the text, which will also make it easier to read through conversations. Now you'll actually be able to scroll through one and see what people are saying rather than having to wade through lots of @usernames at the beginning of each sentence.

Fewer Notifications About People You’re Not Into

Ever decided to take a break from someone on Twitter by muting them rather than all out blocking them? As of February of this year, you'll no longer be notified about replies to conversations started by people that you've blocked or muted, unless those replies are from people you still follow.

Stopping Perpetual Abusers From Creating New Accounts

In February of 2017, Twitter also announced this and the following two updates in an attempt to make Twitter an all-around safer place. The first of the three safety updates deals with people who have a history of more unsavory behavior. Twitter announced that they're taking steps to attempt to identify people who have been permanently suspended in the past and uphold the effort to block the world from their antics by keeping them from creating new accounts. This focuses primarily on people who have exhibited tendencies to create accounts in the past for the sole purpose of abusing/harassing others, or engaging in other activities that ain't nobody got time for.

Safer Search Results

Twitter is also making an attempt to bring you better results via ‘safe search,' which will remove Tweets containing "potentially sensitive content" or tweets generated by accounts that you've blocked or muted. While the site assures that the content will still be out there for you to discover if you're really into finding it, it will no longer clutter your search if you're more in the mood for a less stressful one.

Collapsing Low-Quality or Abusive Tweet Replies

Twitter says that they've also been making attempts to search out potentially abusive or low-quality replies, in order to collapse them. Though the Tweets will still be there for those who decide to seek them out, the goal is to highlight more relevant and high-quality parts of any given conversation

#NewProfilePic Prompt

Just change your new profile picture and want to share it with the world? Unlike Facebook, which automatically shares your new profile picture on your feed, Twitter more or less left it up to your followers to notice whenever you switched out your pics until January of this year. It was then that they introduced a small prompt where you could alert your followers of the change with the hashtag #NewProfilePic.

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