Tips & Tricks For Handling Fashion Emergencies

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Find yourself facing a fashion emergency on the go? We got chu.

There's nothing worse than running into a fashion emergency when you're out and about. Remember these helpful tricks the next time you have a clothing mishap!

Use a Paper Clip as a Quick Fix for a Broken Clasp

Need To Clean Your Suede Shoes in a Pinch? Bust Out an Emory Board!

Always Keep an Emergency Scarf in the Car for Stain Disasters

Hate Static? Hair Spray the Inside of Your Skirt to Keep It From Riding Up

Rub the Teeth of a Zipper with a Candle or Soap to Keep It From Sticking

Hide Your Bra Strap With This Simple Paper Clip Trick

Use an Earring to Fix Broken Glasses

Deodorant Stain? Baby Wipes To the Rescue!

Don't Have Time to Iron? Use a Flat Iron To Get Out Wrinkles

Need to Repair a Button on the Fly? Use a Bread Twisty Tie

Use Toothpaste to Remove Stains from Leather Shoes

Replace a Lost Earring In a Pinch With a Pencil Eraser

Use a Little Tape To Hold a Rogue Hem In Place for the Day

Use White Out To Quickly Touch Up Your French Manicure

Treat Heavy Wrinkles With a Steamy Bathroom While You Shower

No Time for Shoe Polish? Go All Make Shift With a Permanent Marker!

No Lint Roller? Just Use a Little Tape Instead

Button Getting Loose? Just Apply a Bit of Clear Nail Polish

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