Family Almost Puts Family Dog Down But Realizes Love Can Conquer All


Earlier this year Laura and Scott Jordan, a couple from Ketchum, Idaho, could tell that something was off with their 12-year-old Poodle named Margaux. Though Margaux’s veterinarian had already diagnosed her with an autoimmune condition three years earlier, her symptoms seemed different that those that the family had been successfully managing since with medication.

Suddenly Margaux seemed to be having problems finding her way around and sometimes even became so confused that she would just walk around in circles. That’s when Margaux’s vet gave the family the heartbreaking news that her condition had spread to the Poodle’s eyes, both of which would have to be removed.

Considering that Margaux was already deaf by this point, some even suggested that the Jordans consider putting her down. Luckily however, the couple knew their curly little lady well enough to know that she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, even one of such huge proportions.


Fortunately for Margaux, she was far from alone when it came to conquering the new obstacles that came along with losing her sight. Not only did she have Scott and Laura on her team, but three other standard poodle sisters to help her readjust to life after her operation.

When Margaux recovered and was once more able to come home, Scott and Laura began giving her guided tours around the house each night to help her readjust to her surroundings. They even placed scent pads throughout their home so that Margaux could navigate with her sense of smell as well as by her sense of touch. Slowly but surely, the 'brave little poodle that could' started to feel like her old self again.


“After we removed her eyes, the disease stopped attacking in the fashion that it did,” Scott recently told The Huffington Post. “Now she lives a pretty full life and brings joy to us and her sisters as well.”

The couples says that while Margaux’s sisters still play with her just as they did before, they’ve also got her back when it really counts. For instance, sometimes when the Jordans take their girls hiking, they will connect the dogs' leashes so that Margaux’s sisters can help lead her along the trail- a responsibility that they seem to take very seriously as they gently guide their blind buddy down the path.


These days Margaux is not only enjoying life to the fullest, she’s also started a facebook page called “Root for Poodle Margaux,” where you can follow along with her many adventures.

“It’s really an amazing opportunity to document this and experience it,” Margaux’s fur-dad said of the page. “We can learn a lot from animals.”

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