18 Things You've Been Doing Wrong Without Even Knowing It

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Think you've been nailing it? Not so fast!

Eating Chinese Food From the Top of the To-Go Container

via lifehacker.com

It's actually designed to fold down into a plate.

Drinking Your Soda the Normal Way

via foodbeast.com

....Instead of taking advantage of the handy, built-in straw holder!

Reheating Your Leftovers In One Big Blob

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They heat more evenly if you arrange them in a donut shape!

Struggling To Fill Your Bucket In a Shallow Sink

via build.com

Just use this clever dustpan trick to create a little waterway.

Tossing Your Bags Randomly In Your Shopping Cart

via vinescope.com

...Instead of taking advantage of the handy built-in bag holders.

Killing Your Nails Trying To Open a Key Ring

via allday.com

Use not use this nifty staple remover trick instead?

Taking a Wild Guess When You Forget What Side the Gas Tank's On

via instagram.com

There's a little arrow by the gas symbol that'll take the guess work out of it.

Enduring Sandwiches With Meatless Corners

via lifehacks.org

Enjoy a fuller sandwich with a little meat rearranging.

Assuming You Can Only Microwave One Bowl of Food at a Time

via popsugar.com

Behold this genius way to create layers!

Keeping Your Ketchup Cups From Achieving Their Full Potential

via thecommentsection.com

They are actually capable of folding out to provide a roomier dipping experience.

Rocking Your Ear Buds Wrong

via instructables.com

Get a load of how they're actually supposed to be worn!

Shaking Your Tic Tacs Container Like a Mad Woman

via popsugar.com

There's a little built in holder in the lid specifically to help avoid such chaos!

Watching the Clock While Waiting For Your Drink To Get Cold

via lifebuzz.com

Wrap it in a cool paper towel before putting it in the freezer and it'll chill way faster.

Putting Your Toilet Seat Covers On Backwards

via acidcow.com

The little inside flap is actually supposed to go in the front.

Letting Your Stir Spoon Sauce Up the Whole Kitchen

via Imgur.com

Instead of using the built in spoon holder in most pots.

Cutting Your Baby Tomatoes One by One

via diyncrafts.com

Just put them between two plastic lids and you can cut a slew of them safely and all at once.

Grasping Your Juice Box From the Middle

via hintmama.com

Use the little wings that fold it out hold it without spilling the juice!

Getting Your Hands All Buttery Digging For Popcorn

via instagram.com

Instead just open it form the side and enjoy butter free hands!

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