These Photos Will Change Everything You Used To Think About Pit Bulls


A photographer from Florida has set out to help pit bulls correct the stereotypes about their breed that have been rampant in the media for the past few decades. Though the breed was once famous for being the go to choice for a nanny dog for kids, Hollywood’s recent characterization of them as aggressive or otherwise scary has led to everything from misguided breed legislation to a decline in adoption rates for pitties in shelters.

That’s why photographer Adam Goldberg set out on a mission to prove that pit bulls just want to have fun! In his recent pooch portrait series, the “Pit Bull Project,” the photographer captures a series of adorable photos that show off the real personalities of both pets and shelter pits.

“I want people to picture Pit Bulls the way I do, as goofy and lovable dogs,” Goldberg told The Huffington Post in an email. “I find it so sad that they get a bad reputation in the media and have a harder time getting adopted. I also want the public not to be scared when they see an owner with their Pit Bull.”

Though it’s never a good idea to assume a dog isn’t aggressive without first asking his owner, whether it be a Pit Bull or a Chihuahua, Goldberg emphasizes that there’s no need to be afraid of a Pit simply because of breed-specific stereotypes.


“All the owners I talk to get negative reactions from time to time and I’d like to try and reduce that,” Goldberg explains.


Among the adorable dogs you’ll find in the Pit Bull Project are pictures of shelter animals who are up for adoption, all of whom received a photo session free of charge in order to help increase their odds of being adopted.


One of his success stories includes Ginger, a love-bug of a pooch whose owner could no longer take care of her due to being in foster care. “Ginger was adopted out rather quickly but was returned because she broke out of her crate,” he told HuffPost.

“A few months went by and she was still at the shelter. Fast forward a few more months from when I took her photo, she now lives with an older couple who can stay home with her during the day. She broke out of the crate because she didn’t like to be alone.”


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