These 9 Body Language Tricks Will Make People Like You

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'cause first impressions are often made before you ever say a word

As we all know, sometimes body language can say just as much as words, especially when you're meeting someone new.

Here you'll find easy things you can do to make others feel more at ease around you, even if they aren't able to put their finger on exactly why.

1. Stand Up Straight but Not Rigid


While slumping can make you appear self-conscious or closed into yourself, there's no need to stand up so rigid you appear unnatural either. Just maintain good posture and balance your weight equally on both feet, keeping them shoulder width apart.

2. Avoid Crossing Your Arms


It can make you appear defensive or closed off. Try to stay open and keep your shoulders down and relaxed to signify that you're up for communication and getting to know the other person.

3. Avoid Fidgeting


It can make you appear either less comfortable around the person you're talking to or bored. Either way, it will only make you conversation partner nervous.

4. Smile When You Enter a Room or Meet Someone New


Even if you don't know someone, smile and greet them like an old friend. It'll make them more comfortable around you by making you seem more familiar.

5. Offer a Firm but Gentle Handshake


Try to smile and make eye contact when shaking hands with someone for the first time. If it seems appropriate, also reach out with your other hand and touch them on the shoulder. This a friendly gesture that can make you appear more caring and familiar.

6. Don't Lean


Leaning against walls or other objects when first meeting someone can make you appear bored or disinterested. Try and pivot yourself towards the person your talking to and stay genuinely interested in what they are saying.

7. Beware Resting Bitch Face!


Keep your neutral face happy and pleasant! There's nothing worse than trying to talk to someone who looks angry or a little too neutral- it can make them wonder what you're thinking and whether you're silently judging them.

8. Be a Good Listener


There's no turn off like talking to someone who seems there but not really "present." Give your conversation partner your full attention, complete with little nods every now and then to let them know you're listening, maintaining eye contact as much as possible.

9. Relax and Breathe Easily


Energy is contagious- if you can be confident and comfortable around someone, it'll naturally rub off.

10. Very Subtly Mimic the Other Person's Movements


Careful not to overdo this one to the point that the other person will notice! If you can pick up on some of the gestures that someone often uses however, using them yourself has a subconscious way of making them like you due to the fact that people like others like themselves.