These Hilariously Specific Dating Sites Will Make You Seriously LOL

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Sick of sorting through the same old dating sites? Tired of sitting through awkward first dates only to realize that you and your would-be partner have absolutely nothing in common?

Well if you happen to have an oddly specific vision of your future mate in mind- or oddly enough an STD of any sort- then boy is this your lucky day! As it turns out, the Internet has virtually eliminated the need for guesswork when it comes to dating, as long as you're prepared to be freakishly specific about what exactly it is that you’re looking for.

Farmers Only


Are you of the "save a horse, ride a cowboy" mentality and currently in the market to do a little horse-saving? Well if you're down for some old school country living or are just really into traditional values, then may just be the site for you.

Created by farmers, for farmers (or chicks who just really dig them), Farmers Only gives you the option of either the traditional dating route or getting a little crazy with a "cowboy dating round-up." Regardless of which path you choose, hopefully it'll end with you and your S.F. (significant farmer) riding off into the sunset on a piece of machinery that proudly sports the John Deere logo.

Mullet Passions


Do you like it when it when a man knows how to keep it "business in the front, party in the back?" Well then darlin', pull on a pair of acid washed Daisy Dukes and get ready to go all redneck retro on

Naturist Passion


Do like to let it all hang out... with zero restrictions on the word "all?" Well if so, then pad on over to, a site specifically for singles looking to party in their birthday suits. Whether you're up for hitting the beach in the buff or a night out in the nude, look no further for a partner in crime.

Clown Dating


.... if you were able to behold the above photo and resist the impulse to run screaming into the night then you may be a candidate for the horrors of Best of luck with that and be sure to let us know how it goes for ya.

Gluten-Free Singles


Are you wild for all things wheatless? Bashful around foods containing barley? Fear not, for now there's a site where you and a myriad of other singles in your area can get together and enjoy gluten-free fellowship any time.

Do You Align


Sick of waiting for the stars to align when it comes to your dating life? Help them along a little at The site/app hooks you up with matches based on the compatibility of your zodiac, rising, and moon signs and even has an option where you can sign up to have your horoscope emailed right to your inbox.

STD Match


Sick of wondering when and how you should break the unfortunate news to your partner about the side effects of prior relationships gone horribly wrong? Well now there's no need with Eliminate the need for awkward surprises by getting it out there at the get-go on this handy site and confessional all rolled into one.

Date British Guys


If you can't get enough of British dudes, then look no further than this site that couldn't be any more blatantly chocked full of them. Enjoy a steamy night out on the town with a guy whose every word sounds like Shakespeare as he whispers British nothings into your ear.

Amish Dating


While we're a wee bit amiss to explain exactly how this site is ever accessed by a group of people who have brazenly sworn off electricity, it still seems to be your best bet as far as actually making contact with an Amish person online. Who knows, maybe you'll catch a perfect partner looking to have a little fun during Rumspringa?

Ugly Schmucks


If you've thrown in the towel and decided to date someone with standards as low as your own. then look no further friends. If you're ugly and you know it, then sign on and let your face show it at

420 Singles


Sick of having to worry about sneaking edibles under the table as you wonder if he shares your passion for all things green? Ease that anxiety by logging on to, your one stop shop for dates so great you won't remember a thing.

Date My Pet


Tired of having to wonder if your hound will love your new honey or your kitty will cuddle up to the new guy you kinda like? If so then don't worry, cause apparently there are enough folks out there of the same mindset to explain the existence of Log-on to hook up with other animal lovers like yourself and learn all about their own furry little friends.

Marry Me Already


Done with dudes that won't just put a ring on it already? If you're beyond ready to lock it down and begin your life of marital bliss then may just be the site for you. Not for those prone to commitment issues, Marry Me Already is host to a wealth of other singles like yourself who are sick of playing games and ready to take things to the next level.

Date A Golfer


If you're ready to score a hole in one with a partner who loves a good line drive as much as you do, then look no further than Share your passion for the green with singles in your area and work on your backswing all in one epic outing.

Redhead World


If you happen to both have red hair and be oddly overly-enthused about it, then is definitely the place for you. Not only does the site hook you up with others whose hair color matches your own, it also keeps you up to date on redhead news around the world.... whatever the hell that may entail?


Oh go ahead and admit it, there's nothing cozier that cuddling up with a cat by the fire...except perhaps inviting a fellow feline lover to join the party. Bust out your inner cat-lady-in-training and hook up with other fans of kitty kind on the site for cat lovers bold enough to own it.

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