The Definitive List Of Royal Engagement Rings

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Feast your eyes on some of the most swoon-worthy royal engagement rings worn by queens, princesses, and duchesses around the world.

Royal engagement rings worn by princesses and duchesses throughout history are always lavish, beautiful, and expensive. From Duchess Kate Middleton's (formerly Princess Diana's) blue sapphire engagement ring to Grace Kelly of Monaco's Cartier diamond engagement ring, we've rounded up pictures of the most beautiful royal engagement rings from queens and princess brides around the world.

So if you're a fan of jewelry and rings in particular, prepare to see a collection of some of the most stunning royal wedding rings gracing the fingers of royalty around the world.

Many of the royal engagement rings you're about to see are full of personal symbolism, sentiment, and of course amazingly sparkly diamonds.

So whether you're looking for ideas for your own engagement ring or just dreaming of what could be, get ready to feast your eyes on the gems that decorate the fingers of queens, princesses, and duchesses around the world.

Princess Diana's & Duchess Kate Middleton's Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he surprised her with his mother Princess Diana's former blue sapphire engagement ring from Prince Charles. Perhaps among the most famous royal engagement rings in the world, William proposed to Kate with this gorgeous sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds set in white gold. Not only is the ring absolutely gorgeous, its legacy is what makes it truly priceless.

Queen Letizia Of Spain’s White Gold Eternity Engagement Ring

Spanish royal King Felipe proposed to Queen Letiza with this beautiful 16 baguette diamond eternity ring. A departure from the traditional style, this elegant diamond ring is set in a trim of white gold.

Crown Princess Mary Of Denmark's Emerald Cut Diamond Ring With Ruby Baguettes

Crown Prince Frederik presented Princess Mary with this stunning Emerald cut diamond ring, flanked with two ruby baguettes when he proposed in 2003. The rubies are not only gorgeous and unique, they also carry symbolism, as they are the colors of the Danish flag. Before she was Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Mary Donaldson lived a normal, fun-loving life and was active in the Australian social scene. In 2000 however, she met Prince Frederik during the 2000 Summer Olympics three years before the royal couple became engaged.

Princess Sofia Of Sweden's Brilliant-Cut Diamond Ring, Designed By Prince Carl Phillip

In 2014, the Prince proposed to Sofia with a brilliant-cut diamond ring he designed himself and invited her to become his princess. Before becoming the princess of Sweden, Sofia Hellqvist lived life on the racy side, appearing topless in several men's magazines and starring on the scandal fueled reality show, paradise hotel. As it would happen however, when she met Prince Carl Phillip in 2010, the Swedish royal saw her as a diamond in the rough and eventually invited her to become his princess.

Queen Maxima Of The Netherlands' Symbolic Orange, Oval-Shaped Diamond Ring

In 2001, King Willem-Alexander proposed to Queen Maxima with a unique orange, oval-shaped diamond flanked by two tear-drop diamonds, set in two diamond encrusted bands. The orange diamond was a symbolic and personal choice, reflecting the history of the royal family. The royal family of the Netherlands has its roots in the House of Orange-Nassau and orange is also the national color of the Netherlands.

Princess Charlene Of Monaco's Repossi Diamond Ring With Round Diamond Brillants

Prince Albert presented his future Princess with a grey gold ring with a three caret diamond, surrounded by round diamond brilliants. The ring, named the Tethys design was created by Parisian jeweler Maison Repossi.

Before becoming the chic Princess of Monaco, Zimbabwe-born Charlene Lynette Wittstock was actually perusing a swimming career and known for her athleticism. In 2000 however, she met Prince Albert of Monaco at a swim meet and the pair were engaged in 2010.

Sophie, Countess Of Wessex's Welsh Gold Oval Diamond Ring With Heart Shaped Gems

When Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest son, proposed to the future Countess of Wessex, he presented her with a two caret oval diamond, flanked by two heart-shaped gems set in 18 carat Welsh gold. The gold is extra appropriate since it was mined from Prince Edward mine in Trawnsfynydd in Gwynedd, North Wales.'

Princess Grace Of Monaco's Luxurious 10.47 Caret Cartier Wedding Ring

Prince Rainier of Monaco presented Grace Kelly with a Cartier wedding ring featuring a 10.47 carat emerald cut stone with a baguette diamond on either side, set in platinum. Due to it's incredible luxury, the Cartier masterpiece is perhaps one of the most famous wedding rings in the modern world.

As it turns out however, the ring was not the original that Prince Rainer proposed with. He first presented the future Princess Grace with a Cartier eternity band of rubies and diamonds, which represented the colors of the Monegasque flag. Though no one is quite sure what was responsible for the upgrade, some say the larger ring was not yet ready and that the first was a placeholder for the larger ring to come.

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend — especially if you're engaged to Prince Charming!

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