The Definitive List Of Female CTOs

Check out these inspiring female CTO's who are working to pave the path for women in technology!

As the world of technology continues to blossom with innovations, more and more women are being drawn to the position of CTO or Chief Technology Officer.

Here you'll find a list of female CTOs, ranging from women who have designed and become the CTO's of their own startups to a Female Chief Technology Officer of the United States itself.

You'll learn more about the lives, passions, and educations of these amazing women who are leading the way in technological innovation.

Moxxly CTO Santhi Analytis

Dr. Santhi Analytis is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Moxxly, a company that produces smart breast pumps for modern moms. Among Dr. Analytis many duties as CTO at Moxxly are coding, CADing, protyping, and testing. Santhi also specializes in design methodology, device development, biomedical engineering, medical imaging, and medical and surgical robotics.

The Moxxly CTO holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and got married in Berkeley's Lawrence Hall amid a giant T-Rex skull and large, animatronic bugs.

NovoEd CTO Farnaz Ronaghi

Farnaz Ronaghi has a passion for making education more accessible and meaningful and it shows in her work as the CTO of NovoED. While still a PhD student at Stanford, Farnaz designed and developed the first version of education startup, of which she's now Co-Founder and CTO. NovoEd is a leadership development and online learning solution provider and focuses on incentive and motivators in fun, online learning environments.

Redfin CTO Bridget Frey

Bridget Frey is the current Chief Technology Officer of Redfin, a Seattle based online real estate company. Upon her upgrade to CTO, the company's CEO remarked, "This isn't a change in responsibilities; it's a recognition of the obvious: that Bridget is one of the best executives we have."

As CTO, Bridget leads the company's software engineering team of over 150 engineers with a mission to produce technology that helps make the process of buying and selling a home less stressful and complicated. She began coding at only five years old and was listed on Puget Sound Business Journal's 40 Under 40 list.

Bridget is also a leader in helping address issues facing women in technology and is proud that nearly 30% of the software engineers on her team are women.

One Medical Group CTO Kimber Lockhart

In addition to her unusually cool position as a chairwoman of the Board for the San Francisco Circus Center Kimber Lockhart, who an amateur circus artist herself, is also CTO of One Medical Group. Funded by Silicon Valley venture capitalists, One Medical Group is an innovative primary health care company.

Kimber's duties as CTO at the company include leading software engineering, product management, design and product support. Kimber also speaks regularly on building technical teams with a focus on helping craft culture, develop leaders, and how to best address technical debt.

Thoughtworks CTO Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parson is the current Chief Technology Officer of Thoughtworks, a Chicago-based software application development company. She has over 20 years of experience in application development and has worked in everything from telecommunications to emerging Internet services.

With extensive experience working as the lead of creation of large-scale distribution object applications and in integrating disparate systems.

Former United States CTO Megan Smith

What job could possibly entice Megan Smith from her role as Vice President of Google? As it turns out, the chance to be CTO of…the United States. That's right, from Sep 2014 – Jan 2017, the MIT graduate served as 3rd U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President (Obama) White House, OSTP. While working at the White House, Smith ran a team which focused on how technology and innovation can advance the future of an entire nation.

Former SurveyMonkey CTO Selina Tobaccowala

When it comes to fresh ideas, former CTO Selina Tobaccowala has plenty which she first proved in 1997 when she co-founded Evite, starting it out of her college dorm room. After selling the company to Ticketmaster in 2001, Selina went on to serve as Ticketmaster's Senior VP of Product and Technology. In 2009-2016, she went on to land a position as President and CTO of SurveyMonkey before becoming a co-founder of Gixo.

Former Rent The Runway CTO Camille Fournier

Camille Fournier is not only the former CTO of Rent the Runway, she's also a blogger with over 14K followers on Twitter. Most recently she became the author of a new book called "The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change."

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