The Best Bitmojis To Use For Every Situation

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No matter the situation, Bitmoji's got your back.

When it comes to the best bitmojis to use for every situation, the choices are virtually endless. The first question this may raise in your mind is…well, what exactly is a bitmoji? In case you haven't yet boarded the bitmoji bus, a bitmoji is basically a cartoon version of yourself that you can custom create and use in a wide variety of adorable stickers.

Bitmoji, which is currently owned by Snapchat, is not only a great way to add a little fun to your Snaps, but can also be used on a wide variety of platforms ranging from some iMessage to Facebook to Twitter. So the next time a sticker doesn't quite cover what you're trying to convey, rest assured that after you've installed and started playing around with the app you'll be able to quickly come up with the best bitmojis for any situation.

Not only does Bitmoji allow you to create custom stickers to express what you're feeling, it also allows you to insert your bitmoji into a pictures which can make any situation or environment a lot more fun on the fly. Recently Bitmoji has also even introduced an option called Friendmojis which allows you to create bitmojis featuring both your avatar and your friend's on Snapchat.

In case you're still new to the whole ideas of what a bitmoji is and what it can do, we've assembled a fun list here of a few example emojis in order to give you a demonstration of the best bitmojis for every situation, regardless of how random.

The "Heeeey!" Bitmoji

You know those times when you're out at a party, have had a few drinks, and are currently feeling pretty good about yourself and your life skills? Suddenly a friend texts to ask what you're up to and it's then that you realize that you're general grammar and spelling skills are no longer quite as on point as normal. Fear not, for Bitmoji will be there to convey pretty much everything your friend needs to know about your current state.

The Hungover AF Bitmoji

So it's the next morning and now hungover you is wondering exactly what happened last night and why you woke up to a bill for a new chandelier. Now the same friend is texting to see how you fared during last night's adventures but instead of thoughts your mind is filled with nothing but the intense desire for pancakes. Bitmoji will be there to help you cut to the chase.

The "Sorry I Took So Long To Get Back" Bitmoji

We've all been there. One of your friends shoots you a text and you totally mean to reply...right after you get out of that meeting, class, or whatever other event you happen to be in at the time. Then suddenly life happens and the next thing you know, you realize you completely forgot. Send your friend a little better late that never love via this adorable sloth who takes forever to return his texts too.

The Unknown Number Emoji

You know when you get one of those warm fuzzy but slightly general texts and have no idea who it came from? Maybe you really did just get a new phone and lost all your numbers or simply forgot to save one someone gave you by accident. Rather than engage in a conversation and hope for enough clues to lead you to the other texter's identity, bust out this bitmoji and let her do the talking.

The Cut To The Chase Bitmoji

Ever known someone who seems to have mastered the art of writing text novels on their tiny phone keyboards? What about someone who tends to distract easily and stray constantly from the topic at hand? Steer towards getting to the point of the conversation with this lovely yet insistent sparkly unicorn.

The Horrible Truth Bitmoji

You know when your friend texts you a picture of herself in a hideous dress and asks for your honest opinion? Rather that debate whether you'd be a worst friend for breaking it to her or letting her stray out in public looking less than her best, step back and allow your bitmoji to do the talking.

The Horrors of Autocorrect Bitmoji

How insanely wrong autocorrect can go so quickly may just be one of the wonders of the hall of First World Problems fame. The next time your keyboard goes rogue, sick your bitmoji on it in order to fully convey your outrage.

The Alibi Bitmoji

Ever have a moment of panic when your Mom texts to see what you're doing right as you're hovering over a shot of tequila at Taco Tuesday? Say a prayer of thanks for Taco Tuesdays everywhere and then send her this bad boy, which is no longer technically a lie.

The Night In Emoji

Nothing's worse than a friend who keeps trying to get you to come out when you're already exhausted after a day of work. Simply explain that you already have plans with someone else and when she later asks how they went, reveal that your friend happened to be your favorite furball via this night in with the kitty bitmoji.

The Refusal To Be Ignored Bitmoji

There's nothing worse than knowing damn well someone read that last text even though they are active ghosting. Let them know you're still waiting by sending in this mildly annoyed reminder bitmoji.

The Mic Drop Bitmoji

Just finished saying your piece and want to leave them in appropriate awe? Mic drop bitmoji is there waiting for just such a situation.

As you can see, no matter what the situation, Bitmoji-you has got you covered.

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