Sweet Pit Bull Mix Can't Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From The Shelter

Good Housekeeping

Meet Meaty, the pit bull whose about to steal your heart

Once upon a time in a California shelter, there was a lonely little pit bull mix named Meatball (Meaty for short) who dreamed of someday having a real home. Little did he know that somewhere no so far away, a girl named Lisa Reilly was scrolling through a list of adoptable dogs posted by Fresno Bully Rescue, only to behold his adorable photo.

Reminded of her last fur-baby Kitty, a pooch who had passed away months before, Lisa would soon step forward to declare herself unable to resist Meaty’s charms. Sure enough, after meeting the lovable low-rider in person, Lisa knew that it was meant to be, and soon Meaty rode off with her into the sunset to join her other dogs in what would become his forever home.

Though Meaty may not have the largest vocabulary, the huge grin that hasn’t left his face ever since has rocketed him to Instagram fame.

As you’ll see on his Instagram page, Meaty’s adorable smile has won him over 107k fans and counting! Here we’ve gathered a sample of his photos in which he enjoys the many adventures and joys of being an adopted man.

Be sure to pass this list on to your fellow fur-lovers and follow Meaty on all his adventures on Instagram!

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