Scott Eastwood Photos That Will Basically Make You Pregnant

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Get ready to thank Clint Eastwood for a lot more than his many great movies.

If you hadn't yet heard that Clint Eastwood has an insanely sexy son, rest assured that after feasting your eyes on these sexy Scott Eastwood photos, you'll be glad you did. Scott Eastwood is one of the seven children of legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood and a flight attendant named Jacelyn Reeves. As you'll see in these sexy Scott Eastwood photos, Scott is the spitting image of his dad in all the best ways.

Scott made his screen debut in the 2006 film Flags of Our Fathers and has since gone on to appear in movies such as Gran Torino, The Longest Ride, Fury, and Suicide Squad. He's also appeared on the TV Show Chicago Fire and even made an appearance in Taylor Swift's music video for "Wildest Dreams" and most recently worked on the film Pacific Rim: Uprising, which is set to come out in 2018.

Not only will you find out why Taylor Swift was unable to resist his charm, you'll also find out a few fun Scott Eastwood facts in order to get to know the actor. In the meantime, come on in and get to know the abs that lurk beneath his shirt via the follow sexy Scott Eastwood photos.

1. Here's Scott Proving He Knows His Way Around A Bow-Tie

2. Wish You Were His Beer Yet?

3. Oh, Hey. Just Scott Doing A Casual Push-Up On A Sunny Day.

4. Scott Rocks His Hawaiian Roots, Surfer Dude Style

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

5. How Sexy Is a Guy Who Takes Time Out To Make A Kid's Day?

Scott Eastwood/ Instagram

6. What's On Brooding Scott's Mind? Wouldn't You Love To Know?

7. Most Guy's See A Crosswalk. Scott Sees A Pull-Up Opportunity.

8. Scott Anoints His Beautiful Body With Water. Why? Who Cares.

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

9. Hey, Girl. Just Making A Randomly Sexy Shirtless Phone Call.

Town and Country

10. If You've Got It, Flex It.

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

11. What We Wouldn't Give For a Chance To Raise Those Sails

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

12. Scott Proving Anything Looks Hotter When He's Holding It

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

13. Hey, Girl. Wanna Join Me By This Babbling Brook?

14. Scott + A Wide Open Space = Endless Dreamy Possibilities

15. Puppy= Adorable. Scott Cradling The Puppy= Insanely Adorable.

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

16. Save A Horse. Ride A Cowboy.

Scott Eastwood/Instagram

Want to know more about the man behind those abs? Check out these fun facts about Scott Eastwood: Scott is one of seven children born to the legendary Clint Eastwood and he and his sister Kathryn share the same mother, Jacelyn Reeves.

Scott's birth certificate says "father declined" and his actual birth name is Scott Clinton Reeves. Though beginning his career under the name Scott Reeves in order to avoid nepotism, he ultimately ended up taking on his father's last name as his stage name.

A friend of the late Paul Walker of the Fast and the Furious movies, Scott is still good friends with Paul's younger brother Cody Walker and is a supporter of Paul's charity Reach Out World Wide.

Scott grew up in Hawaii and his passion include surfing, diving, and fishin.

His screen debut was in his dad's movie Flags of Our Fathers. Scott says that his dad plays no favorites just because he's his son however and makes him audition for roles in all his films.

Perhaps it's no surprise, given Scott's insanely good looks, that he's also a model and has worked for companies like Hugo Boss and Davidoff Cool Water.

For a 2016 Halloween charity even, Scott dressed up as his dad's character from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Let's hope Scott got not only his dad's good looks but his knack for cultivating a long, fruitful career for decades to come.

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