Puppy Is Sad At Shelter, Until She Reunites With This Firefighter


Get out the Kleenex for this one folks!

Front Street Animal Shelter

Recently a poor a little pit bull lady named Chunkie found herself in a situation far more harrowing than any dog she should ever have to face. She'd found herself not only with a skin condition called mange but abandoned by her neglectful owners to face the world alone, tied up in a parking lot in the rain. Luckily for Chunkie however, a firefighter named Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, CA happened to come along and rescue the pint sized princess from her horrible plight.

Front Street Animal Shelter

After cleaning her up a bit, Mike dropped her off at Front Street Animal Shelter, where she was able to receive medical attention. Not only did the staff get her back on the road to recovery from the horrible case of mange that had left much of her body fur-less, they even hooked her up with some adorable little puppy t-shirts to keep her warm during the healing process.

Though Chunkie was doubtless incredibly grateful to be taken in by such a loving staff, it's her instant bond with her rescuer that's likely to bring tears to your eyes.

Front Street Animal Shetler

The next day when Mike returned to check on Chuckie, he was surprised to find that not only did his grateful little buddy remember his heroism, she couldn't wait to let him know it by going all wiggly at the very sight of him.

Throughout Mike's visit, the adorable little pit bull followed him all around the shelter with tail in full blown love mode. Not only did Mike make sure she got plenty of love throughout the visit, he confirmed the fact that Chunkie had stolen his heart by announcing that he's now talking to his family about the possibility of fostering the little pittie while she heals up and gets ready to go search for her forever home.

Front Street Animal Shelter

Yet again, Miss Chunkie has stepped up to the plate for pit bull kind and proved that the breed is far from deserving of the many negative stereotypes with which they're often showered. But sure to check out the full video of Mike and Chunkie's adorable reunion on Youtube and share this list with all fellow pit bull lovers you know it'll make say "aww!"

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