People Are Probably Judging You Based On These Small Things You Do

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Whether you think about them or not, these small things may be saying a lot about you.

We all care about our first impressions, right? Whether we want to admit it or not, what people think about us matters. These are the top 11 things you're probably getting judged on... without you even realizing it.

1. Your handshake

Research shows that your handshake can reveal a lot about your personality.

As one might expect, people who shake hands firmly are not only likely to be more confident but are also likely to be extroverted and emotionally expressive. People with weak handshakes, on the other hand, are more likely to be shy and/or neurotic.

2. Your Timeliness

Unfortunately for the untimely among us, being late can say a lot.

Being on time gives off the impression that you're organized, responsible, and trustworthy whereas running late can make you appear scattered and more committed to whatever was keeping you.

3. How You Treat Service Workers


If you want to see someone's true character when you first meet them, don't judge them based on how they treat you, but on how they treat waiters, maids, retail workers, and other people in service positions.

This will reveal the character traits they may be attempting to hide in order to present you with a good first impression.

4. Whether You Bite Your Nails


Though it's a nervous habit that can be hard to break, nail biting is a big give away of nervousness or the inability to relax.

Some have gone as far as to suggest that it's symbolic of a person who "eats away at themselves."

5. How Into Your Phone You Are

If you ever want to send a guy you're on a date with a message about how into him you are, ignore your phone, even if it rings.

The more you chose your screen over the person you're with, the less interested in them you appear to be.

6. Whether You Make Eye Contact

If you want to come across as confident, whether you actually are or not, be sure and make eye contact with the person you're talking to.

According to Psychology Today, the longer you make eye contact with your conversation partners, the more extroverted, confident, and socially dominant you come across.

7. The Color Of Your Clothing

Research shows that your go-to clothing color can say a lot about your personality.

For example, people who love red tend to be vivacious, fiery, and sexy. Those who wear earth tones such as browns and greens may be considered grounded and earthy and yellows can give the impression of someone who is naturally happy and cheerful.

8. Whether You're a Cat or Dog Person

A recent study showed that there actually is something to the idea of identifying more as a "dog person" or "cat person," as the two tend to exhibit different sets of personality traits.

Perhaps not surprisingly, dog people tend to be more outgoing and energetic, whereas kitty lovers tend to be more sensitive, introverted, and less controlling.

9. How Long It Takes You To Ask a Question


When first meeting someone, how long it takes you to ask them about them can say a lot about you.

The sooner you show interest in them, the less egotistical you'll come across.

10. Your Shoes

Ever judged someone based on their shoe style? If so, it turns out that not only are you not alone, you may or may not have been far off base.

In a 2012 Study, researchers found that just by examining a person's shoes, participants could correctly guess about 90% of their personal characteristics.

11. How You Treat Animals

How you respond when a dog wiggles up to you in greeting may say a lot about how people around you perceive you.

The more enthusiastically you great a friendly pooch, the friendlier, more open, and caring you may be perceived to be.

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