Paralyzed Cat Showers Sick Animals With Love At This Special Vet Clinic

Meet Luc, Fang Clinic's official comfort cat.

Far away in a land called Perm, Russia, there lives a magical little miracle kitty by the name of Luc. Bearing a beautiful black coat, Luc’s hobbies include decorating things around Clinic Fang, the animal clinic where he lives, with his furs and caring for the other sick and injured animals that come there for help.

Perhaps Luc’s loving nature comes from the fact that he too is a man with a rocky past, as both of his back legs were paralyzed when he was found and rescued, most probably due to a spinal injury.

Luc did not allow adversity to turn him into a bitter old guy who sat around hitting the catnip all day however, but instead channels all his energy into his job as a nurse companion at Clinic Fang.

Luc takes his job as the clinic’s resident cuddle bug very seriously and is often found snuggling with other animals as they recover from their illnesses and injuries. When it comes to various species, Luc appears to exhibit no bias and is often found comforting dogs and even smaller animals who a lesser cat might be tempted to turn into an afternoon snack.

Though such animals might not normally be open to a feline visitor, the staff says that Luc’s soothing energy and reassuring presence seem to make all the difference when it comes to other animals opening up to him.

Not only is his presence a constant comfort to the other animals at the clinic, he’s also stepped in to save a few lives in the past. Upon being found to be a match for another injured cat who was in need of a blood transfusion, Luc is proud to revealed that he stepped up to the plate to become a donor in exchange for a few extra kisses from the staff.

Hang on to your hats, folks, because the accomplished little cat’s resume still has yet another set of skills all together. As it turns out, he also takes pride in being instrumental in helping model for in house marketing for the clinic, allowing his adorable face to represent them on their website and social media.

As you can see, he clearly doesn’t let the fame go to his head… too much.

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