Pit Bull Doubles As World's Most Adorable Alarm Clock


Prepare to get a load of an alarm clock so adorable, you'd welcome an early morning wake-up.

Few would disagree that there's any sound more terrible in the known universe than that of an alarm clock going off in the wee hours of the morning. Try as you might to mask the pain of being pulled forth from your coziness by an alarm set to play your favorite tunes or gentle chimes, there just doesn't seem to be any noise out there that's ever managed to wake someone up with a smile…until now.

So what is this brilliant alarm that's managed to be both effective and adorable? The question, as it turns out, is not so much "what" but…who? You see, the world's cutest wake-up actually comes not in the form of a clock at all, but a pit bull named Grey.

As Grey's owner explains, the impatient pooch has developed a pattern of "meowing" for attention each and every morning on such a regular basis that she's now considered the resident alarm clock. Luckily for Grey's family, she does come with her own built-in "snooze" button and must return 3 separate times before her efforts are effective in rousing her fur-parents from their bed.

Grey's dad reassures those who might worry that she needs to be let out that this is not the case. "She has a dog door and full access to the backyard, so this is just to get some attention or for some play time," he explains. He also points out that Grey's third and final wake-up attempt features her fur-sibling Pinto in the background, waiting patiently at the window as Grey completes her morning wake-up routine. So without further ado, get ready to behold the cutest wake-up ever caught on film: