22 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Womanhood

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"Most of being a woman is convincing yourself yogurt is a treat."

Ever wished you could explain the joys, trails, and chocolate cravings that are womanhood in 140 characters or less? Here you'll find a collection of hysterical tweets that every woman can relate too. Whether they're braving the dating scene, standing up for women's equality, or just really dreading that monthly visit from Aunt Flo, these girls are sure to bring to a smile of recognition to the faces of women everywhere.

1. Not That It Isn't Or Anything

2. We'll Drink To That

3. What She Said

4. Damn You Booze. Damn You To Hell.

5. Amen, Sister!

6. On Maintaining the Art of Illusion

7. Proof That There's More Than One Approach To Equality

8. When You Count Impending Disasters Instead of Sheep

9. The Moment You Start To Accept the Horrible Truth

10. Nailin' It.

11. That Uneasy Feeling That Follows You Out of the House Every Time

12. "New" You Say?

13. When You're Try'na Take an Interest In Your Boyfriend's Hobbies

14. The One Style That Never Goes Out

15. Where Was This Woman During the Presidential Election?

16. Some Things Are Best Left a Mystery

17. Purses: Every Woman's Personal Labyrinth and Black Hole Combined

18. When True Greatness Rears Its Regal Head

19. Oh, Like It Wouldn't Occur To You Too

20. There's Always a Silver Lining

21. Indeed.

22. Thanks For Playin' Tho!

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