12 Things Mature Women Never Do In Relationships


When it comes to relationship, there are certain things and behavior mature women always attempt to avoid. Why wait to learn them the hard way?

Here's what all mature women do in their healthy relationships:

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1. They Don't Forget the Other People In Their Lives

Let's face it, a good partner is hard to find. So when you finally do meet the perfect mate, it's tempting to make them the sun to your solar system. Mature women however, realize that the honeymoon period doesn't last forever…hell, sometimes not even til the honeymoon itself.

So don't forget to tend to your friends, family, and the other people you want to keep in your life whether it ends up being true love or not.

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2. They Don't Fall Into the Trap of Financial Dependence

Though there's nothing wrong with sharing your spoils when you're in a serious relationship, don't ever forget to contribute your fair share.

Especially if you're partner is wealthy, it may be tempting to let them carry the weight, but it can create an uneven balance that'll eventually do a number on your self-esteem.

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3. They Don't Take It Upon Themselves To Change Their Partner

Let's face it, we all have imperfections but mature women realize that it's not their job to change their mate. Though it's sometimes necessary to ask for what you need, don't fall into the trap of thinking it's your job to change someone.

Unfortunately, we can't do another person's work for them even if it means having to move on if they aren't willing to fix or work on unacceptable habits that have made their way into the relationship.

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4. They Don't Forget To Say Thanks

If you've met someone who treats you like a lady then never forget what a gold mine you've stumbled upon! Be sure to let your mate know how much you appreciate their kindness and don't forget to return the favor!

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5. They Don't Use Their Partner as an Excuse Not To Go After Their Own Dreams

As wonderful as love can be, part of the joy of the whole experience should be that it brings out the best in you, in all the various areas of your life.

There's nothing worse than realizing you've let focusing on your relationship deter you from your own dreams and landed in a position where you spend most of your time working to help someone else achieve theirs.

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6. They Understand That There's More Than One Way To Show Love

Mature women realize that just because their partner isn't the cuddle monster they are, doesn't necessarily mean the love isn't there.

In fact, check out this handy quiz where you can identify you and your partner's "love languages," which are the various ways you express intimacy.

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7. They Don't Settle For Less Respect Than They Deserve

If something feels off to you in your relationship, do yourself the favor of figuring out exactly what's bothering you.

If you aren't feeling an appropriate amount of respect from your partner or are bothered by the way they talk down to you, it may be time to either sit down for a heart to heart or find someone who truly values you.

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8. They Don't Throw Around the "L Word"

The more mature a woman is, the more she'll begin to realize exactly how precious a thing love is. While saying it at the end of conversations if you truly mean it is lovely, don't let it become just another throw away.

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9. They Avoid the Co-Dependence Trap

As the saying goes, the best relationships are the ones where love of each other exceeds need of each other. A great relationship, tempting as it can be to feel otherwise, is no excuse to stop working on yourself and the person you want to become.

In fact, it should make you strive to become a better person both for your partner and everyone else in your world every day.

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10. They Don't Let the Relationship Become Too One Sided

A good relationship is a partnership and it's no secret that those depend on give and take.

When it comes to everything from how to spend your date nights to whether or not to have children, if both of your decisions aren't being weighed, you may be on a train to an unhappy ending.

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11. They Don't Air Their Dirty Laundry

While it's completely normal to ask a trusted friend for advice when you're trying to make a tough decision, make sure not to mistake said friend for the world of social media at large.

There's nothing more uncomfortable than when couples take to the web to bitch about things that are better handled with open, honest communication.

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12. They Don't Make the Relationship Their Identity

Obviously, when you're in a long term relationship you and your partner are probably going to end up sharing some of the same friends and even hobbies.

Sharing your life however, isn't the same thing as hinging all your interests, choices, and things that make you "you" on the fact that you happen to be dating or married to someone.

Don't be afraid keep your own interests and friendships alive outside of your significant other because as sparkly as a new relationship may seem, there's going to come a time when space is a healthy and necessary thing.

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