18 Surprising Qualities Women Actually Look For In A Man

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Stop chasing after the Brad Pitts of the world.

1. Veiny Forearms


Who knows why but there's nothing hotter than a buff forearm. Perhaps it has to do with the promise of other buff things that may or may not be attached...

2. Glasses


Studies show that women find men with glasses up to 38% hotter! Maybe it's the fact that they make him look more put together? Or his glance from behind them when they're steamy, rarr.

3. Stubble


Though there's no need for him to go full on lumberjack, there's something manly about the unshaven look all of us occasionally find ourselves powerless to resist.

4. A Slightly Unkempt Appearance


Ah, sue us. Hobo hair and ripped jeans are hot.

5. Man Perfume


Who doesn't love burying their face in the chest of a guy that smells like the men's cologne section at JC Penny's?

6. The Occasional Show of Jealousy


While there's nothing worse than a tab-keeper, who doesn't love to see him perk up in readiness to defend you when another dude looks a little too closely your way?

7. Vulnerability/ Shyness


The more rugged a guy is, the more adorable it is when a little bit of shyness shines through. How cute it is to see those emotions peaking out underneath that rough exterior?

8. Scars


Maybe it's a primitive thing left over from the days when the cast of "Vikings" roamed the earth, but there's something a little badass about a dude sporting a well placed scar.

9. Soft Lips


Don't you just wanna press your own to them like your face into a soft pillow?

10. Quirkiness


The world these days is sooo serious. Who doesn't love a guy who knows how to let lose and laugh?

11. Bushy Eyebrows


You know what they say about men with big eyebrows?... Yeah, neither do we, but they're hot though, right?

12. Accents


Whether it's the way everything British dudes say sounds like Shakespeare or the exotic feel you get from listening to a guy from a foreign land, accents are as a siren song for ladies everywhere.

13. A Little Extra Fluff


Not to say that a hard body isn't hot, but there's just something so... huggable about guys who aren't exercise fiends.

14. Clinched Jaw Muscles


Oh the way that little muscle in his jaw clinches when he feels impassioned! It's the facial twitch that launched a thousand make-up sex sessions.

15. Killer Socks


Who knows why, but it's fun to see those cool little man socks peeping out beneath his jeans.

16. Grey Hair


With age comes wisdom, and better yet... experience.

17. A Secret Love of Cats


Cause who doesn't love coming home and finding him curled up with your favorite fur-baby?

18. When He Knows His Way Around a Book


Not only is something drool-worthy about seeing hot dudes reading, there's even a whole Instagram account devoted to it!

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Veiny Forearms



A Slightly Unkempt Appearance

Man Perfume

The Occasional Show of Jealousy

Vulnerability/ Shyness


Soft Lips


Bushy Eyebrows


A Little Extra Fluff

Clinched Jaw Muscles

Killer Socks

Grey Hair

A Secret Love of Cats

When He Knows His Way Around a Book