22 People Having A Worse Day Than You Are

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Think your day couldn't possibly get any worse? Come on in.

1. This Not So Skilled High Jumper

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2. The Mom Whose Kid Got Sent Home With This Ominous Note

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3. This Unsuspecting Tanner

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4. This Overly Ambitious Bubble Blower

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5. This Vacuuming Adventure Gone Terribly Wrong

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6. This Dad Who Need Not Hold His Breath For a Parent of the Year Award

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7. This Unlucky Escalator Rider

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8. This Guy Whose Paint Transportation Plans Went Terribly Wrong

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9. This Guy in 3...2...1...

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10. This Nude Vacationer Living Out Everyone's Worst Nightmare

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11. Nair's Most Unsatisfied Customer Ever

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12. This Disenchanted Petting Zoo Patron

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13. These Painters Who Just Learned the Importance of Forethought the Hard Way

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14. This Cat Whose Plan To Steal the Hamsters Toys Didn't Turn Out as Planned

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15. Plans to Enjoy a Tasty Ice Cream: Foiled

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16. This Kid Discovering Baseball That May or May Not Be His Calling

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17. This Chick Who'll Never See Her Phone the Same Way Again

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18. This Little Dude Discovering That Shoes are Tougher Than They Look

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19. Cody

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20. This Guy Discovering He Has the World's Worst Best Friend

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21. Everyone Involved In This Catastrophe

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22. This Handy Woman Who May Be Here Awhile

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