22 Motivational Diet Quotes That Are Better Than Dessert

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Well, almost better.

Rest assured, realizing that you've put on a few more pounds than planned every now and then doesn't make you an irresponsible person, it makes you a normal person.

Whether it be due to the holidays, lack of focus, or simply the awesome taste of chocolate, few are the women in the world who haven't occasionally had a love affair for an over abundance of calories or carbs.

Now was we all hopefully know by now, you are beautiful just the way you are, no matter what your shape, size, or weight. The point here isn't to make sure everyone else is happy with you, it's to make sure you are happy with you.

So if you've found yourself in a position where you want to lose a few pounds in order to be more comfortable, self-confident, or just fit into those old beloved skinny jeans, then we've gathered a great set of motivational quotes to help you achieve your goals!

Keep in mind, you didn't put on those extra pounds over night and though you may not lose them over night either, the key is focus, determination, and taking it one pound at a time.

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