19 Hysterical Quotes From Kids That’ll Remind You Why You Love Them

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Check out these hilarious quotes that could only have come from the mouths of babes.

Whoever said that children should be seen and not heard was obviously suffering from a profound lack of humor. As anyone who has spent much time in the company of a child quite possibly already knows, kids have one of the most unique, magical, and occasionally hilarious ways of seeing the world.

Here you’ll find a collection of hysterical quotes by children that will remind you why you love them. This priceless collection of kids quotes is brought to you by the folks over at littlehoots.com, a genius new website and app where you can turn the quotes of your favorite little guys and gals into keepsakes. They also have an option for sharing if you’d like the spread the laughter by sharing the quotes with others, but also have privacy controls that you can adjust if you’d rather not.

You can even add photos to the quotes if you’d like or simply tag them with your child’s name and age so that you can print them out and share them on gifts or put them in a scrapbook that your kid is guaranteed to grow up and get a kick out of someday. There’s also an option for creating conversation quotes if your little dude or lady’s saying requires a bit of context.

So without further ado, check out these quotes by kids on life, love, and of course, the importance of chocolate.

"Mommy. I'm not joking, I'm not kidding, and I'm not playing. I need chocolate." - Sophia, age 3

"I really wish I had some yoga pants. Even though I don't really do yoga. Kinda like you mom..." - Hannah, age 6

"Meet my new family mom. They are the quiet people." - Auggie, age 4

"Ow! My eye! I didn't know where my hand was going. I thought it wanted to rest behind my head but it wanted to poke me in the eye!" - Gabriet, age 4

Me: Good Morning! Do you need a hug?

Erik: Actually I need pancakes and not this hug.

"Sometimes I like to listen to Taylor Swift in my room and cry about cats that have died." - Hannah, age 6

"I think Dr. Seuss' first name is Arthur. People who write books are arthurs so his name must be Arthur Seuss." - Marley, age 4

"I really love being human. But some days I really wish I could be a fairy." - Greta, age 4

Becki Campbell: What types of things would a man need to take with him to stay alive for many days in the woods?

Cabe: I would take my wife.

"Are we taking the stairs or the alligator?" - Royal, age 4

Me: Henry you can come down out of timeout now.

Henry: No thanks, I'm at the French Revolution. - Henry, age 3

Graham: Everyone in my class wants to be a doctor.

Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Graham: A cheetah. Or a pig.

Violet: (Crying hysterically)

Bethany: Violet, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?

Violet: Because I can't get this shirt to work!

Bethany: Violet, honey.. You can't get the shirt to work because they are pants..

Luke: Mama when was I born?

Danielle: February 17, 2009.

Luke: Hey!!! That's my birthday!!!

"When I was in the backyard, my sock fell off and went over the fence." - Owen, age 5

"I think I'm gonna be good for the rest of my life. Well, except when I make mistakes. But we can blame that on my emotions." - Hannah, age 6

"Mom, stop dancing. Your body looks like it's falling down!" - Henry, age 4

"What if the police lied and turn on the siren, but he was just going to get a taco for lunch?" - Jonah, age 8

Regardless of the occasional frustrations that being a stellar mom can be, perhaps one of the most brilliant trade-offs is how much fun it can be to raise a little person who is as filter-less as a drunk guy during Mardi Gras! After all, few could argue that if you need an opinion on pretty much anything, there’s no quicker way to get an honest answer that to ask your favorite pint-sized little person.

Though the odds of getting sucked down the rabbit hole for hours are high, if you’re up for braving a Pinterest session, they’ve got a ton of great ideas on cool scrapping booking ideas using the littlehoots app or website.

Another fun and handy idea is looking into a book like My Quotable Kid. Perhaps you’ve got a kid who dishes out the hysterical comments faster than you can type them in? This journal offers space where you can simply jot down the quote on the go without having to log in right that minute. This way, you can pick your favorite quotes to turn into a littlehoot later without risking losing any of the valuable wisdom your child has to offer.

Not only are these journals and scrapbooking ideas a great time, they also make for the best gifts ever. Got a grandparent who lives out of state? Nothing will brighten their day like seeing all the awesome comments your kid comes up with! Or perhaps you want to keep things in the family? Try collecting these quotes over time and watch your kid’s face light up someday when he graduates. Or of course, you can bestow such a gift on perhaps the best person of all: yourself! Funny moment today, priceless heirloom tomorrow!

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