18 Hysterical Online Dating Tweets All Women Can Relate To

women shocked, hacked, computer

We feel your swipe induced pain.

1. When Your Screw It Impulse Kicks In

2. Among the Oldest and Most Mysterious of Tinder's Ancient Enigmas

3. Dating Apps: Can't Live With Them, Can't Enjoy a Free Dinner and Movie Without Them

4. When You Start To Notice Strange and Mysterious Patterns

5. You or Your Standards: Some Days It Seems There's Only Room For One

6. That Horrible Moment When the Results Are In

7. When 'It Could Always Be Worse' Just Ain't Cutting It Anymore

8. It's the Little Things In Life

9. A Girl's Gotta Have Some Standards

10. Pretty Much

11. That Horrible Moment When Reality Comes Into Play

12. The Double Standards Tho...

13. When You Stumble Upon the Horrible Truth

14. Truth: Stranger Than Both Fiction and Reality Televison

15. When World's Collide

16. Those Terrible Days When Resistance Seems Futile

17. If There Were Sparknotes For Your Tinder Story

18. Why the FBI Loves Female Recruits

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